See Ben Stiller And John Travolta In Hilarious God Of War First Look

Ben Stiller, John Travolta, and LeBron James star in a hilarious video promoting the God of War Ragnarok video game for Playstation.

By Jason Collins | Published

Give Sony a cookie for creativity. Only days after the company disclosed a loss of nearly two million subscribers, the company released a promotional video for the upcoming God of War Ragnarok, featuring LeBron James, John Travolta, and Ben Stiller in a Kratos-inspired dad support group. Luckily, the grandparents weren’t present (a grim nod to the Greek saga), as this trailer actually reflects Kratos’ development from the series’ best installment.

As reported by CBR, the trailer centers on a dad support group whose attendees aspire towards a father-child relationship like Kratos has built with his son Atrius during the first game. Attendees include the aforementioned celebrities and their children, and Ben Stiller as the group’s leader, wearing a full-on Kratos cosplay. And while fathers are enthusiastic about connecting with their children, the youth isn’t actually thrilled about the idea, especially when it comes to costumes the fathers are supposed to wear.

Sony is clearly hyping up the upcoming release of one of this year’s most anticipated games, God of War Ragnarok, a sequel to the 2018’s soft reboot-slash-sequel of the franchise, which also transitioned to the PC. This is also a great way to market the upcoming release, especially since Sony plans to accelerate the adoption of PS5 gaming systems to recover user engagement following the massive loss of subscribers. God of War Ragnarok is one of the major releases for the console, making it reasonable for Sony to put in the effort.

god of war: ragnarok
A cutscene from God of War Ragnarok

And while the Ben Stiller-led dad support group aspires to connect with their children, much like Kratos did in the first game, the children are more akin to Atreus from the sequel. From what we know so far, 2018’s game gave Kratos much-needed character development, which ended up with him building an awesome relationship with Atreus. However, the sequel now creates a rift between the two, as the young demigod realizes his strengths but, just like all youth, fails to acknowledge his shortcomings.

Story-wise, the game will also introduce Tyr, the Norse god of war, and we can only hope that he and Kratos go against one another. It’s almost as exciting as Kartos dueling against a vengeful Thor, the god of thunder — which is considerably more tenacious than his MCU depiction. As for the gameplay, Sony previously released gameplay footage that shows God of War’s combat elements — and yes, they’re as impressive as ever.

As previously stated, God of War Ragnarok is among the most anticipated titles this year, offering more than 40 hours of gameplay, split between the main narrative and side-questing through the Nine Realms. In fact, there’s so much content that the developer considered splitting Ragnarok in two, but the current saga still remains a duology without the third installment in sight. There’s a possibility that the series will revert to its roots, which is the current trend of the gaming industry, borrowing various combat and narrative elements from the pre-reboot era of the series.

Ben Stiller’s interpretation of Kratos won’t make an appearance in the upcoming God of War Ragnarok, which is scheduled to release on November 9 as a PlayStation-timed exclusive.