God Of War Is Coming To PC

By Jason Collins | 1 month ago

god of war

Can somebody please check Hell because it would seem it has frozen over? For those asking “why?”, well, it would seem that Sony did the unthinkable and finally decided to port the PlayStation exclusive God of War gaming title from 2018 to the PC. This is almost a historical moment for PC gamers everywhere, as the prestigious gaming franchise leaps from Sony’s proprietary console, signaling what is perhaps an end of an era and begging the following question: has Sony finally decided to tap into the PC gaming market?

According to an article published by IGN, 2018’s God of War, unofficially dubbed God of War 4, is on its way to PC via Steam and Epic Games Store digital distribution platforms. The franchise’s first installment in the Norse saga, currently listed on said platforms for pre-order for $49.99, will come to the PC on January 14, 2022. The upcoming port will feature enhanced visuals, unlocked framerates, 4K resolutions, and Nvidia DLSS and Reflex support, and support for keyboard and mouse controls and various other controllers. However, exact PC specifications have not yet been announced.

The release was confirmed by Sony on the PS Blog, stating that the company’s primary goal, in regards to the port, was to highlight the exceptional content the God of War video game has to offer by leveraging the powerful hardware of the PC as a gaming platform. The 2018’s God of War, which was an absolute hit, is the latest PlayStation exclusive to make its way to the PC, following the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn and the upcoming Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves. These leaps from Sony’s proprietary gaming hardware may indicate that Sony has finally realized the untapped potential of the PC gaming market, as we already discussed in our previous report.

PlayStation has committed, despite the public outcry of its fans, to port more of its first-party titles to PC just like God of War, and perhaps subsequently, Xbox. As the company released new consoles at a loss, it used first-party exclusives to cover up the difference, simultaneously offering epic narratives accessible to gaming fans only on its proprietary gaming console. Finally, however, Sony realized that it’s losing a lot of money by circumventing the PC gaming platform – though that appeases the PlayStation fans who somewhat pride themselves on the exclusivity of their favorite console.

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So, the company decided to release first-party games as PlayStation exclusives before porting them to PC sometime after release. On the other hand, Microsoft did a more sensible thing: it made Xbox exclusive gaming titles accessible on all platforms that support Xbox Game Pass, including PC, consoles, and even smart-enabled TVs. Regardless, thanks to the interconnectivity between Microsoft’s hardware and software solutions, e.g., using Xbox controllers on Windows PCs, it’s entirely possible that the dream of playing a PlayStation exclusive, such as God of War, using Xbox’s controller is finally coming true. Could this mean that the next game in the franchise, the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok, will also launch on PC, though sometime after the initial PlayStation launch? Well, we sure hope so.