God Of War Ragnarok Has Finally Brought In The Best Mode

By Jason Collins | Published

god of war ragnarok

Sony and Santa Monica released a massive update for the recently released God of War Ragnarok, equipping the game with some of the long-awaited features. Among those features is a long-coveted Photo Mode that allows gamers to take screenshots of their favorite moments without the typical user interface. The Game of the Year contender also received a massive number of technical and gameplay fixes, despite already offering a massive number of game-enhancing features.

According to Destructoid, Santa Monica stated that the God of War Ragnarok’s Photo Mode would function throughout most of the game, regardless of whether the frame is overlooking a beautiful vista or in the middle of a gory finisher upon an unfortunate ancient creature who had the bad luck of running into our protagonists. However, what’s really interesting about this implementation is the level of control that’s granted to the player. Namely, you can now freeze a particular shot and even control the facial expressions of most of the game’s cast.

Of course, there are additional options, like hiding God of War Ragnarok characters, adjusting the field of vision or focal length, shutter controls, and adding various photography filers for additional fine adjustment. Considering that Sony’s hardware division also makes high-end photography cameras, they’ve equipped the game’s Photo Mode with digital emulation of physical camera photography. This allows for a much greater level of control that goes beyond simple image capturing and screen-shooting.

god of war: ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok is one of those rare games nowadays that are released in their finished and polished state, which means that the gameplay runs smoothly on the intended hardware. Still, there were smaller technical issues that required resolution, but those were so minute that barely anyone noticed them. Photo Mode is a totally different matter. It isn’t a crucial gaming element, so it’s entirely okay to drop it as an addition during a post-launch update — this is something Santa Monica has previously promised, and now it has delivered.

Needless to say, fans of God of War Ragnarok started sharing their hilarious creations moments after the game was updated, and social media is now filled with Kratos, and the rest of the cast stuck in funny situations. Photo Mode has become a prominent feature in gaming releases over the previous generations, and the trend has continued with the current-gen releases, with consoles saving and even sharing in-game screenshots. It really makes any game an endless source of entertainment.

God of War Ragnarok was released nearly a month ago, and the game is currently one of the top contenders for the Game of the Year Award, alongside the record-breaking Elden Ring and several other gaming titles, including Stray and Horizon Forbidden West. The game proved to be a massive success, and the ending leaves room for a potential sequel, though Sony clearly stated that God of War Ragnarok is the final installment in the Norse saga. It would be a shame to see the story end, especially since it offered one of the best character development narratives in gaming overall.