God Of War Series: All We Know So Far

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

god of war

In a world full of live-action video game adaptations, some have not been that well received. However, through trial and error, it seems that there has been a changing of the guard in that regard. With the success of the recently released Uncharted and the highly anticipated HBO series for The Last of Us, it seems that studios are steadily starting to figure out how to adapt video games into film and television. Now Amazon is set to take on that risk as they have announced a live-action God of War series. While this might be a tall task considering how beloved the video game franchise is, Amazon does release some quality content. Here is everything we know.

Battle of the Gods

god of war

While the plot of the show has yet to be revealed, one thing is for certain, the show will absolutely have to deal with the killing of gods. While that is obvious to those who have been long-time players of the God of War series, some new fans might not understand this distinction. Kratos was a man that had been betrayed by the gods of Greek mythology. Kratos was tricked into killing his own family by Ares, who bestowed the Blades of Chaos on Kratos, which are a legendary weapon of destruction. Ares attempted to turn Kratos into the perfect killing machine, before he turned his sights on the gods for tricking him, especially Ares. With that said, Kratos goes on a god-killing rampage in honor of his family. This quick description is what the original three video games concern themselves with. Whether or not that is the case for the new series will be left up to Amazon’s discretion.

Another way to go is to follow the current rebooted version of the games. God of War, which came out in 2018, essentially retooled the original games with current-gen graphics, a new battle system, and a new set of gods. With the huge popularity shifting to Norse mythology in the world, Santa Monica Studios saw an opportunity and took it. Kratos has been transported to another era, where he has a son. Now he must protect his child and the secrets of this land from the pressing threat of the Norse gods. Vikings and their mythos are a huge topic of current films and shows. The new God of War series could adopt this same principle and follow along with what is happening in the current Kratos continuity. This would certainly be well-received among fans.

Kratos Travels To A New Era

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One final premise or thought is to follow this series up with the sequel to God of War from 2018. The newest entry in the franchise is called God of War Ragnarok. Fans have no idea what is coming next, but the game director has announced some time ago that this newest game would be the end of the Norse mythology storyline. That puts the new God of War series in a bit of a predicament. Should this series follow a story that is already set to end? Or should it carry on with bridging the gap between Norse and wherever else Kratos ends up in time? Egyptian gods have been suggested by plenty of fans, and that would be a fantastic era for the god killer to be a part of. It does seem a bit odd that Kratos keeps jumping around in time in any sort of concurrent manner, but then again, it doesn’t matter if there are gods to be killed.

Release Date and Budget


While the God of War series has just barely been announced, there is likely not going to be a release date for quite some time. However, considering that Amazon is usually on the up and up for their content, let’s assume that we will get to see a live-action Kratos sometime at the end of 2023. Amazon has reportedly already shelled out $80 million for the first season of Wheel of Time. Also, with the upcoming Lord of the Rings series, they have also reportedly spent the most money ever on a television series at $465 million. While that seems like an outrageous number, think about how massively successful LotR is. God of War would and should cost a great deal of money to make. That is considering how much brutality and CGI would likely go into a live-action effort. Gods would have to be able to zip around and call down their powers, whereas Kratos would need to be able to slice them up with the Blades of Chaos. It has to look good in order to be successful. Look out for updates as they come along, but expect a God of War series sometime in the fall of 2023, if we are lucky.