See A Battered Jeremy Renner Share An Update From The ICU

Jeremy Renner posted an update video of his family visiting him while he is in the hospital.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

jeremy renner

Ever since his disastrous accident with a snowplow, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been wishing Jeremy Renner a speedy recovery. The Hawkeye actor required two different surgical procedures after the accident and recently posted a picture to social media that showed him recuperating inside the ICU. And now, thanks to a funny tweet from the star, fans can see how his mother and sister helped transform his “not…great” ICU day into an “amazing spa day.”

The clip begins with Jeremy Renner’s sister massaging his head while the actor sardonically says “yeah.” She laughs at his reaction and teases her brother by saying “you so sexy.” This is, of course, a joking reference to the fact that even world-famous movie stars are going to look pretty goofy in the shower cap that Renner is wearing.

At one point, Jeremy Renner’s family also comments on all the blood that came off of the MCU star after they cleaned him up. A still very-groggy Renner comments on how his recent shower was the first one he took in about “a week or so” before loudly saying the same thing everybody was thinking when they heard that: “gross!” While it’s short, the video really captures the vibe of Renner’s recovery, showcasing an actor who is in good spirits even as his body is on the mend.

jeremy renner

And in this case, his body has quite a bit to mend from. Originally, Jeremy Renner took the snowplow out in order to help a family member who was stranded in the snow. The vehicle began to move on its own when the star was outside of it, and when he tried to get back in and take control of it, he suffered massive injuries.

Specifically, Jeremy Renner broke his leg during the accident and suffered major blood loss. On top of that, he suffered other chest and orthopedic injuries he is being treated for. There are no signs that the actor was impaired at the time, and local authorities were exploring the possibility of a mechanical failure that sent the snowplow rolling on its nearly lethal course.

While all of this has been tragic and frightening, there are some bright spots in an otherwise dark story. For example, when Jeremy Renner heard that a family member needed help, he decided that he didn’t need a bow and arrow to become a hero and help them out. And once the star was injured in his attempt, neighbors helped tend to his injuries and called for medical help. And now, as Renner recovers in the hospital, his family is helping him to get better day after day.

Jeremy Renner should also be commended for even posting these updates to Twitter and to Instagram. Most of us in a similar position would simply be focusing on our own recovery, but Renner understands that he has millions of fans who are worried about him and wishing him well. Taking the time to reassure his fans after surviving an almost-fatal accident is just one more reason that Renner is a hero even without his costume.