Jeremy Renner Was A Real-Life Superhero Right Before His Terrifying Accident

Jeremy Renner was a real-life hero helping a stranded motorist just before his snow plow accident.

By TeeJay Small | Published

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It appears that Jeremy Renner’s nearly fatal snow plow accident, which left the Marvel star in intensive care this week, occurred because he was trying to save a trapped motorist. The accident happened following a New Years Eve snowstorm, which uncharacteristically left Renner’s Nevada home buried under 16-19 inches of snow. According to a write up in the Reno Gazette journal, the Washoe county Sheriffs office has ruled that the accident involved no foul play, but that the details are still under investigation.

The Hawkeye actor shared his first public post to his fans today after being airlifted to the hospital due to his multiple injuries sustained from being run over by a Pistenbully Snowcat, which is often used by ski resorts to clear snow and provide trails after storms. The star seems to be in good spirits despite his brutal condition, reminding us all of his many noble sacrifices on screen. New information courtesy of the Sheriffs office reveals the cause of the accident, which saw Jeremy Renner heroically attempting, and ultimately succeeding, to save an unnamed family member of his, who the storm had pinned in a vehicle.

Jeremy Renner’s bruised up Instagram selfie thanked his supporters for their kind words and outpouring of support, while still indicating that he wasn’t quite in the condition to operate his phone for frequent updates just yet. Still though, the Instagram post is a breath of fresh air for Marvel fans who may have been concerned for Renner’s recovery. It will clearly be a long road toward healing fully, but he definitely seems like himself, always thinking of others even when it places him in danger.

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Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

Before the accident, Jeremy Renner was performing his duty as a neighbor by offering to plow out the whole street using his snowcat, just as his Avengers hero would often take to the streets to save civilians when danger was looming. Renner has lived in his Lake Tahoe residence for over three years now, and often refers to the serene location as his happy place. The Sheriffs office have impounded the snow plow for now in order to inspect if the vehicle suffered a malfunction, or if the terrible accident was simply a matter of human error.

This accident of course comes just weeks after Jeremy Renner had announced the development of his new Disney+ show, Rennervations, which would follow the star as he reimagines unique purpose-built vehicles. At this time it is unclear if Renner will stay on board for the show, given the highly traumatic experience he’s suffered with the snow plow. Of course, Renner is a man whose hustle never stops, so perhaps after a full recovery he’ll be more emboldened than ever to very carefully tackle the world of specialty work trucks, as his unending passion often flies in the face of adversity.

No matter what happens, we’re all very glad to see Jeremy Renner recovering from his terrifying injuries, and we wish him the best. New episodes of Hawkeye are rumored to be coming to Disney+ soon, though it is unclear at this time how much, if any, has already been shot with the leading actor, and if the recovery period will lead to a gap in new Marvel properties production schedules.