See Real Video Of Jeremy Renner Being Airlifted Out Of The Snow

Video footage shows Jeremy Renner being airlifted from the scene of his accident.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

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Details of exactly how Marvel star Jeremy Renner was injured in Nevada are still scarce, but video footage of the actor being airlifted from the scene is now available below. Deadline first reported that Renner had been severely injured in “weather related accident while plowing snow,” and reportedly, he is now in stable but still critical condition. The two-time Academy Award nominee is reportedly at a local care hospital with family.

We have reported that the Hawkeye actor had previously posted a video of himself last year operating a snow plow on his social media with a caption reading “I have so much respect for Mother Earth, and Mother Nature … I expect to lose the fight but I’ll always give it my best shot.” That adds a sobering element to the video of Jeremy Renner in the airlift, but it is good to know that he is at the very least receiving immediate medical attention. 

The nature of the accident and the Mayor of Kingstown actor’s involvement in it are still unknown. The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Major Accident Investigation Team says that Jeremy Renner was only “partly” involved in the accident leading to the airlift and is investigating it further.

The actor is known for his many action roles in film franchises like the Bourne series and Mission Impossible, often performing intense physical stunts. The sight of Jeremy Renner in an airlift after a serious accident underlines how tightly controlled film productions and stunts actually are, and how easy it is for even the highly trained to be seriously hurt. We hope Jeremy Renner will recover swiftly and completely from this accident.

Without question, Jeremy Renner is best known to global audiences as Hawkeye aka Clint Barton, one of the original members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers. He began playing the character with a brief appearance in 2011’s Thor, one of the early building blocks of the now multi-billion dollar franchise. Since then, Renner has reprised the role in each of the Avengers movies (except 2018’s Infinity War), Captain America: Civil War, Black Widow (in a voice-only cameo), and, most recently, in his own self-titled Disney+ series.

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There are no official plans for a second season of Hawkeye, which primarily saw Jeremy Renner pass on his role to newcomer Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), so it may be that he is officially retired from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He still seems to be on good terms with Disney (Marvel Studio’s parent company) and announced he will have a new show on Disney+ in early 2023, titled Rennervations. The show will focus on Renner’s real-life side business of renovating houses with his best friend, Kristoffer Winters.

It seems unlikely that Jeremy Renner’s accident will impact his new show, which is likely completely done and waiting to be released. Regardless, a serious injury like Jeremy Renner’s can affect anyone, as the airlift video partially indicates. Once again, we wish the best for Jeremy Renner and his family.