What Happened To Jeremy Renner In His Snowplowing Accident: First Details Emerge

TMZ is reporting new details about Jeremy Renner's snow plow accident, including that one of his legs was run over by the machine.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

jeremy renner accident

New details are beginning to surface about exactly what happened to Jeremy Renner near his home in Nevada. TMZ has been busy speaking to the Marvel star’s neighbors, and apparently Jeremy Renner’s injuries stem from his leg accidentally being run over by the same machine he was operating to clear the road of snow. The site also provided video of the star being airlifted from the site of the accident, which you can see below.

Eyewitnesses told TMZ that Jeremy Renner was plowing the road when the accident occurred. The actor was about a quarter mile down the road from his home where his family was stuck after a huge snow storm. After Renner’s Snowcat vehicle ran over his leg, causing him to “lose a serious amount of blood,” a neighbor claimed to have been able to tourniquet the leg before paramedics got there.

Perhaps the most surprising piece of news from the incident so far is that police are treating the area where Jeremy Renner’s accident took place as a crime scene. TMZ says the authorities’ concerns come from the Snowcat apparently being equipped with multiple safety features that should make what happened to the actor impossible.

The good news is that the most recent reports, according to Deadline, list Jeremy Renner in “critical but stable condition” after the accident, and his spokesperson says he is receiving “excellent care.” There was apparently a good deal of concern that emergency personnel wouldn’t be able to reach the area of the accident because of the amount of snow, but thankfully the paramedics managed to beat the odds.

From what we can tell from his social media, Jeremy Renner had done a lot of snow plowing before the accident. From the quantity and tone of his videos, it almost seems like snow plowing is something of a pastime to the actor. Below is a video of the same Snowcat that reportedly injured Renner, and below that is the Hawkeye actor driving a completely different — and much larger — vehicle.

While it’s certainly too soon to make any kind of predictions, judging by Jeremy Renner’s past accidents, it wouldn’t be surprising if a couple of months from now we learn the actor decides to go right from his hospital bed to film on location. The star broke both of his arms during a stunt that went sideways on the set of the 2018 comedy Tag, requiring CGI to replace his broken limbs on the screen. In fact, his arms were apparently still broken when he filmed the much more action-oriented Avengers: Endgame.

We can only hope that Jeremy Renner continues to recover after the accident and that his family is doing well. As soon as we know more, we’ll make sure you do, too.