See Jeremy Renner Receive Tons Of Support From Avengers Co-Stars

Jeremy Renner's fellow Marvel stars are taking to social media to support the injured actor.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

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Recently, Marvel Cinematic Universe star Jeremy Renner was run over by a snow plow when trying to help a family member who was stranded in the snow. The Hawkeye actor experienced both orthopedic injuries and blunt chest trauma and posted a very harrowing picture on Instagram showing him recovering in a hospital bed. The actor has received plenty of support from his many fans, but perhaps the most touching messages were the words of support he received from his fellow Avengers co-stars.

In his own caption to the post, Jeremy Renner was clear that he couldn’t write too much: “Thank you all for your kind words,” he wrote. “I’m too messed up now to type. But I send love to you all.”

While Jeremy Renner was busy sending love to family, friends, and fans, his Avengers co-stars were sending love to him and expressing hopes for a speedy recovery. For example, Thor actor Chris Hemsworth wrote “Speedy recovery buddy” and added that he was “Sending love your way!” Meanwhile, Captain America actor Chris Evans offered support even as he praised Renner for being so tough, writing “Tough as nails” and  “Love you buddy.”

Meanwhile, the notably religious Star-Lord actor Chris Pratt wrote “Continued prayers your way brutha.” And Thanos actor Josh Brolin seemed to think Jeremy Renner surviving the accident was no mere act of luck, writing “Close but no cigar” about the accident and telling his fellow star, “You’re blessed. Quick recovery, brother.”

In addition to words of support from his fellow actors, Jeremy Renner also received plenty of support from famous MCU directors. For example, Avengers: Endgame directors the Russo Brothers wrote, “Sending all of our love, brother, and hopes for a speedy recovery.” And Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi wrote simply, “My brother I love you.”

Unfortunately, it seems like Jeremy Renner might need all the blessings and supportive words he can get after the accident which took place on January 1. Renner had been using a snowcat (a vehicle designed specifically to remove snow) and was outside of the vehicle when it began to roll away. He tried to take control of the vehicle by getting back into the driver’s seat, and that was when the accident happened.

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Fortunately, Jeremy Renner was the only one involved in the accident, and his neighbors helped call for help and brought him towels while supplying first aid as best they could. It is perhaps due to their assistance that Renner was awake and able to speak with first responders when they arrived on the scene. The Marvel actor was not intoxicated at the time, and authorities have not yet publicly ruled out the possibility of mechanical failure of the snowcat itself.

Perhaps the saddest element is that this Avengers star was actually being a real-life superhero and using the snowcat to help out a family member who had gotten stuck in the snow previously. Jeremy Renner was hoping to save the day, but he ended up being the one who needed saving. And his injuries ultimately required two different surgical procedures to mend.

Despite this adventure not going quite as well as Jeremy Renner had planned, things mostly worked out. He was tended to first by loving neighbors and then by skilled physicians, and he looks to be getting stronger every day. Meanwhile, his willingness to risk his life to save a family member who needs help should serve as an inspiration to all of his many fans.

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