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Hot Dog Sparkling Water Coming To 7/11, This Is The World We’re Leaving Our Children

When it comes to culinary innovation, props to 7-11. I’m not quite sure where the inspiration for their latest concoction …

4 weeks ago

McDonald’s Broken Ice Cream Machines Getting Fixed By The Government?

McDonald’s has become the subject of a great deal of memes and jokes in online circles for the chain’s ubiquitous …

1 month ago

The True Story Corporate Thriller You Can Stream Without Netflix

These days, true-story corporate thrillers seem to be all the rage, with films about the rise and fall of products …

1 month ago

McDonald’s Anime Restaurant Happening

Starting Monday, February 26, McDonald’s will explore the world of anime by embracing its alter ego, WcDonald’s, at select restaurants …

2 months ago


Popeyes Brings Back Fan-Favorite Items, Grab Them Before They’re Gone

Despite being known for their fried chicken and biscuits, Popeyes is making waves with the return of their seasonal seafood …

2 months ago

Taco Bell Serves Up New Menu Item Customers Have Been Begging For

While we all have our usual orders at our favorite fast food places, it is always fun to see new …

2 months ago

kfc pizza

KFC Adding Pizza To Its Menu In The Most Bizarre Way

There are plenty of fast-food pizza restaurants where you can get a decent slice in a pinch. Domino’s, Pizza Hut, …

2 months ago

mcdonald's AI

McDonald’s Trendy New Restaurant Is Doing Unbelievably Well

McDonald’s new beverage-centered pull-up spot CosMc’s is stirring up a whole lot of business with the younger folks. According to …

3 months ago

Never Forget The McLobster, McDonald’s Most Disgusting Menu Item

McDonald’s is home to a wide array of limited menu items dating back to the chain’s early origins in San …

4 months ago

McDonald’s Changes Big Mac And It’s For The Better

McDonald’s is set to overhaul its iconic Big Mac in response to consumer feedback about the burger being dry. The …

5 months ago

Robots Are Now Making Your Fast Food

The march of automation in the food industry is on the rise. CNBC recently reported that Chipotle Mexican Grill is …

7 months ago

Chipotle Is Using Robots To Make Burrito Bowls

The robot uprising has begun…maybe. According to CNBC, Chipotle Mexican Grill is currently testing automated systems for crafting its salads …

7 months ago


Subway Makes Huge Change To Sandwiches In Every Location

Subway, the fast food chain serving as the former home of the $5 footlong sub, has announced a major change …

10 months ago

McDonald’s Adds Matrimony To The Menu

If you want to get married in Indonesia, you can give your wedding guests the option of chicken, fish, or …

10 months ago

Fast Food Eating Records That Will Never Be Broken

When it comes to fast food restaurants and chain visits, most folks are looking to get the most food for …

10 months ago

Chick-Fil-A Is The Most Popular Restaurant Chain 9 Years In A Row

Chick-Fil-A has been targetted by boycotts, but is the most popular restaurant in the country for a ninth year in a row.

10 months ago

Grimace Shake Turns Into Social Media Nightmare Videos

McDoanld’s Grimace shake has inspired a social media trend of bizarre and dark videos.

10 months ago

4 Fast Food & Drink Brand Promotions That Completely Failed

Big fast food and beverage brands spend millions of dollars to get ad and promotional campaigns perfect. And many of …

10 months ago

Jack In The Box Is The Latest Restaurant To Add A Delicious Drink To The Menu 

Jack-in-the-Box is adding boba tea to select restaurants before rolling it out to all franchises.

10 months ago