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taco bell

Taco Bell Is Giving Away Free Food

As part of a deal meant to promote its mobile app, Taco Bell is offering free Breakfast Crunchwraps.

9 months ago

Hardee’s And Carl’s Jr. Replace Workers With AI Drive-Thru

Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. are going to have AI take orders at the drive-thru.

9 months ago

Fan Favorite Popeyes Sandwich Is Coming Back Permanently

Popeyes debuted its Blackened Chicken sandwich to fans delight, and it’s making a permanent menu comeback.

9 months ago

taco bell

Taco Bell Is Desperately Trying To Save Taco Tuesday

Taco Bell filed a legal petition against Taco Johns, who currently has a trademark on Taco Tuesday, as they try to free the famous catchphrase.

9 months ago

The Best Burger Chain Joins The Battle For Taco Tuesday In The Most Hilarious Way

In an effort to promote itself while trolling Taco Bell, Jack in the Box is looking to trademark the phrase “Taco Tuesnight.”

9 months ago

Taco Bell Is Reviving Its Best Menu Options

Taco Bell’s Volcano Menu will be available for a limited time starting June 27.

9 months ago

Taco Bell Is Fighting To Cancel Taco Tuesday

Taco Bell is suing to eliminate the patent on Taco Tuesday.

10 months ago

Wendy’s Wants To Replace Workers With AI And Google Is Helping

Wendy’s drive-thrus will start using AI to take customer orders.

10 months ago

ai doctors

AI Being Deployed At A Popular Drive-Thru As No Job Is Safe

Wendy’s is experimenting with AI chatbots used in drive-thru windows.

10 months ago

McDonald’s Is Making 10-Year-Olds Work Until After Midnight, See The Video

McDonald’s franchises in Kentucky were caught breaking child labor laws.

10 months ago

michael keaton

The Best Movies About Fast Food

Eating fast food may impact your waistline, but watching movies about it won’t. Modern fast food is barely 100 years …

11 months ago

pete davidson saturday night live

Pete Davidson To Thank For Saving The Best Fast Food Chain

Pete Davidson’s Taco Bell commercials are credited for helping the chain set a new sales record in 2022.

1 year ago

mark hamill

See Mark Hamill Shock Drive-Thru Customers

We’d have gone through a second time at least.

2 years ago

grand theft auto

Grand Theft Auto’s Best Location Just Opened A Store In Real-Life

Just be careful driving there.

2 years ago

Wendy's phone

Wendy’s Is Making A Phone For Some Reason

Yes, there’s now a Wendy’s phone. See the video.

2 years ago


Chick-fil-A Is Running Out Of Food, Shortages Expected

Chick-fil-a is seeing shortages in some key food items.

3 years ago

Burger King Pressured To Change Its Name To Burger Queen

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Burger King managed to post a tweet that got their business trending. Their engagement numbers are high.

3 years ago

Free Food: These National Restaurants Are Giving It Away To Win You Back

Several national restaurant chains are giving away free food to entice people back to their restaurants. Get yours with our handy list of free food near you.

4 years ago


Robots To Replace Fast Food Workers And Run Amazon Warehouses

“They took our job!” may soon be the battle cry of fast food and warehouse workers across the world. We’ve …

10 years ago

Fast Food To Get Gourmet Facelift And Actually Become Fast Again

Working in a fast food restaurant has been a part of millions of Americans’ lives at one point or another. …

11 years ago

A-Duh! Study Finally Proves That Lots of Kids Eat Lots of Fast Food

Like the weather report from George Carlin’s hippy dippy weatherman Al Sleet, some information you run across just looks you …

11 years ago