The Best Spicy Fast Food Menu Items

By Doug Norrie | Published

The Best Spicy Fast Food Menu Items

Sometimes a lunch or a dinner just needs to be kicked up a notch, taken to a new level beyond just the standard burger or chicken sandwich. That’s when it’s time to start looking at the best spicy offerings from some of your favorite fast-food restaurants and chains.

There are a number of these spicy options out there right now and many of them come highly rated. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones going right now.

Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Tacos

Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos with the Fiery Doritos Shell takes the classic T-Bell taco and adds a whole new level of pretty intense spiciness. The red shell is the giveaway with this item, infused with the Fiery Doritos heat. There’s a bit of a bite from the very start.

This is the standard Taco Bell offering with the seasoned beef, lettuce, cheese, and tangy sauce making up the taco interior, so to speak. It brings the heat and there’s a reason this has become a pretty popular menu item for the fast food chain. It’s likely to become a go-to going forward as well.

Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich

While Wendy’s might be best known for its burgers and fries, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a fiery favorite that brings the heat in the best possible way. There’s a crispy and seasoned chicken fillet, and the sandwich brings a blend of spices that ignites that sets it apart from other menu items. The golden breading locks in the juicy tenderness of the chicken while enhancing its flavorful kick.

Topped with lettuce, tomato, and creamy mayo, all in a soft bun, it strikes a solid balance of heat and cooling freshness. Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a go-to choice for spice enthusiasts who crave a fiery and satisfying chicken experience. Pick one of these up next time you are there.

Popeyes' Spicy Chicken

Popeyes’ Spicy Chicken is a top choice for those looking at spicy fast food options for lunch or dinner. Their chicken is seasoned with Popeyes’ blend of spices that delivers a flavorful and spicy kick. Each sandwich has a breaded coating, creating a satisfying crunch with every bite.

The bold flavors of the spices enhance the juicy and tender meat, resulting in a fiery and delicious chicken experience. Popeyes’ Spicy Chicken is a go-to option for those who want the spicy flavors in their meal. Because chicken plays best with some of the more spicy offerings on menus, it makes sense that Popeyes would get into the game here.

Spicy BK Royal Crispy Chicken

Ah, the Spicy BK Royal Crispy Chicken, a fiery option for those who want to take their taste buds a bit beyond the standard fast food fare. A crispy chicken fillet with a spicy kick that brings just enough heat without being completely overwhelming. While the Whopper and some other menu picks have the more iconic feel for BK, this one does the trick and stacks up against the better spicy options out there in the fast-food world. 

KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich

I’m not sure Colonel Sanders had this specific thing in mind when he was first starting KFC, but he should have. The KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a force to be reckoned with in the fast food realm. It’s the signature blend of spices you know but with an added heat and spiciness that does the trick. The breaded chicken on a bun with creamy sauce and a layer of pickles really brings it.