10 Great Fast Food Chains That Need A Lot More Locations

By Doug Norrie | Published

Fast Food Chains That Should Be Much More Popular

When it comes to fast food chains, there is definitely a group of behemoths who’ve taken over a big part of the market. But there’s also a smaller group of chains that have established themselves as fan-favorite go-to’s if you can find them. Here’s that group of fast-food chains that we think should have a lot more locations. Mostly because we want to get to them even easier.

Raising Cane's

While it isn’t necessarily small in the grand scheme of things, Raising Cane’s sure feels like it should have a bigger footprint simply because the taste and options are so solid. Specializing in chicken fingers that pair perfectly with the special signature sauce, the restaurant has been around for only a relatively short time (1996). There could be more on the way here and that would make a lot of sense.

White Castle

Harold and Kumar made it a mission to find this place and it’s easy to see why. The quasi-iconic brand has been around since 1921 offering the small sliders to troves of late-night munchie crowd folks for decades and decades. There are only about 350 White Castle locations going right now and the ownership has been somewhat strict about where it can expand. But man, would it be nice to see more of these pop up.


Portillo’s has been around since 1963 though you’ll probably have to live in the Midwest to have even heard of it. They specialize in Chicago-style hot dogs which include poppy seed buns, all-beef franks, mustard, relish, onions, and tomatoes with a pickle to boot. This chain serves burgers and standard fare as well, and we’d love to see them make their way to other parts of the country.


Zaxby’s is pushing up against 1,000 locations so it isn’t exactly small, though you’ll probably have to venture the southeastern United States to get your hands (and mouth) on what they offer. The chicken finger and wings with the special sauces are their specialties though there’s plenty on this menu for everyone to enjoy.

Checkers and Rally's

Checkers and Rally’s is another fast food chain we’d like to see out there a bit more though they, like Zaxby’s, are pushing into the four-digit category with locations. They have the drive-thru fast food game on lock with the burgers, dogs, and seasoned fried all among the fan favorites. It’s quick, easy, and tastes great which means it checks every box.


Whataburger is what you’ll be saying if you can find a way to amble on into one of their roughly 800 locations in the US. It’s right there in the name with what they do best. The burgers come in big sizes with plenty of flavor. For a fast food chain, you have to like the freshness of their offerings and they are even doing breakfast bowls for the early AM crowd.

Five Guys

Five Guys has a few more locations than some of the other fast-food chains on this list with about 1,500 going right now. But man should there ever be more of these. The made-to-order burgers, hot dogs, and fried are about as good as you’ll find anywhere and they don’t hold back on the portions either. The quality is high in this joint and customers come flocking back for a reason.

In-N-Out Burger

A California staple that’s become a first stop for many traveling to the left coast. They keep things simple at In-N-Out Burger with burgers, fries, and shakes making up most of what people grab off the menu. The 350 locations feel criminally low seeing as how they are a fan favorite in the region.


Come for the ButterBurgers, stay for the frozen custard. Culver’s has other things as well, but these are the best sellers and you’ll wonder why you haven’t seen these places everywhere. The 800 locations simply aren’t enough for how good they do it on their core offerings. The Midwest chain has become a favorite among folks there and it’s easy to see why.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack has *only* been around since 2004 but in that roughly two-decade stretch has established itself as a go-to fast food chain with some of the best stuff out there. The 300 locations serve super high-quality burgers, hot dogs, and even frozen custard. The Shackburger and crinkle-cut fries are total musts and the atmosphere plays as well. There should be many more of these, plain and simple.