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Popeyes Brings Back Fan-Favorite Items, Grab Them Before They’re Gone

Despite being known for their fried chicken and biscuits, Popeyes is making waves with the return of their seasonal seafood …

1 day ago

Taco Bell Serves Up New Menu Item Customers Have Been Begging For

While we all have our usual orders at our favorite fast food places, it is always fun to see new …

2 days ago

kevin costner yellowstone

Kevin Costner Opening Kevin Costner Themed Restaurant

Good news, Kevin Costner fans of Utah: a Kevin Costner-themed restaurant is being opened by none other than Kevin Costner …

3 days ago

radioactive pigs

Starbucks Creates Pork Latte Because The World Deserves To End

As if Starbucks wasn’t complicated enough, with its own culture, lingo, and variety of coffee and non-coffee beverages, the company …

3 days ago

robot waiter

Actual Robot Waiters Were Serving Food In The 80s

Apparently, the 1980s were much closer to a Jetson-style future than most of us really thought. Sure, we were all …

1 week ago

Your Favorite Foods Are Pre-Digested, According To Research

Whenever you tear open a new bag of potato chips or chocolate chip cookies, you might be preparing to dine …

3 weeks ago

mcdonald's AI

McDonald’s Trendy New Restaurant Is Doing Unbelievably Well

McDonald’s new beverage-centered pull-up spot CosMc’s is stirring up a whole lot of business with the younger folks. According to …

1 month ago

Never Forget The McLobster, McDonald’s Most Disgusting Menu Item

McDonald’s is home to a wide array of limited menu items dating back to the chain’s early origins in San …

2 months ago

Doritos Nacho Cheese Alcohol Exists Because This Is The World Deserve

If you’ve ever been at a party, snacking on a bowl of Doritos, and wondered what it would be like …

2 months ago


Chipotle Founder Opening New Robot Restaurant

According to a recent write-up in Eater, over a dozen new robot-operated restaurants will soon be erected in New York, …

3 months ago

john belushi ghostbusters

Slimer From Ghostbusters Gets His Own Energy Drink

If you grew up enjoying The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, then chances are that you spent a fair amount of time …

3 months ago

Snake Pizza Is Now A Real Thing You Can Eat

Good news (via CNN Travel) for people who like to eat pizza and people who like to eat…snake: Hong Kong Pizza …

4 months ago

Soda Ingredient Getting Banned By FDA

An ingredient in citrus-flavored sodas is getting banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to Science Alert. The …

4 months ago

World’s Most Popular Banana Disappearing Forever? It’s Actually Possible And Here’s Why

Who doesn’t love bananas—they’re nature’s own naturally, conveniently packaged fruit and a staple of households across the globe. So much …

4 months ago

Chipotle Is Using Robots To Make Burrito Bowls

The robot uprising has begun…maybe. According to CNBC, Chipotle Mexican Grill is currently testing automated systems for crafting its salads …

5 months ago

Yellowstone Star And Fake Cowboy Making New Western Coffee Brand

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cole Hauser, the actor who plays Rip Wheeler on the hit Paramount series Yellowstone, is …

7 months ago

Xbox Controller Actually Smells Like Pizza

Modern gaming, facilitated by modern hardware, is a true blessing for the senses. Unparalleled graphical fidelity output by powerful GPUs, …

7 months ago


The Best Pickle Brand Is Releasing A Disgusting New Cocktail

Claussen, known for its signature refrigerated pickles, is collaborating with sparkling wine cocktail company Spritz Society to introduce a first-of-its-kind …

7 months ago

Krispy Kreme Teams Up With The Best Candy Company To Make Amazing Donut

Krispy Kreme is gearing up to absolutely pack your mornings with sugar and released collaboration donuts with none other than …

7 months ago

Last Chance For McDonald’s Baked Goods Before They’re Gone Forever

For customers who were already depressed over the ice cream machine always being out of service and not getting that …

8 months ago


Popular Pop-Tarts Flavor Heads Back To Grocery Stores Thanks To Fans

Fans of Strawberry Milkshake Pop-Tarts can rejoice as the company recently confirmed to Today that it will be bringing the …

8 months ago

margot robbie barbie movie

The Sweetest Ice Cream Chain Serves Barbie Ice Cream Just In Time For Margot Robbie Movie

Move over Barbie Dream House, there’s a new place to find Mattel’s favorite plastic princess! Beloved ice cream chain Cold …

8 months ago


Subway Makes Huge Change To Sandwiches In Every Location

Subway, the fast food chain serving as the former home of the $5 footlong sub, has announced a major change …

8 months ago

McDonald’s Adds Matrimony To The Menu

If you want to get married in Indonesia, you can give your wedding guests the option of chicken, fish, or …

8 months ago

Fast Food Eating Records That Will Never Be Broken

When it comes to fast food restaurants and chain visits, most folks are looking to get the most food for …

8 months ago