McDonald’s Teams With Krispy Kreme In Massive Merger But You’ll Need To Wait Years

By Matthew Flynn | Published

In exciting fast-food news that might not be great for your cholesterol, a McDonald’s Krispy Kreme deal is set to shake up the menu at the Golden Arches. Indeed, McDonald’s has announced it will sell Krispy Kreme donuts at US locations by the end of 2026. This article unpacks the timeline, the history of this partnership, and its impact on Krispy Kreme’s stock, while also providing a brief background on each company.

Why Will The Merger Take Years?

The McDonald’s Krispy Kreme partnership may seem sudden, but the transition to add donuts to the menu will occur gradually over the next two years. The reasons for this timeline are multifaceted, covering logistics, supply chain adjustments, and strategic marketing. To ensure the smooth integration of Krispy Kreme’s products into McDonald’s extensive menu, both companies are committed to meticulously planning and preparation. Their aim is to maintain the high-quality standards of both brands while ensuring consistent customer experiences across all outlets.

Krispy Kreme Already Sold At McDonald’s In One State

Going back just a few years, the McDonald’s Krispy Kreme relationship initially sparked as a trial in select Kentucky locations. The experiment was a resounding success with the public, both surprising and delighting customers. Its success led to this much-anticipated nationwide rollout. Now, the wait is almost over for the rest of the Krispy Kreme devotees in America eagerly awaiting their chance to grab a donut with their McMeal.

Krispy Kreme’s Stock On The Rise

This new deal has had a substantial influence on the market, particularly on Krispy Kreme’s stock. With the public McDonald’s Krispy Kreme announcement, the donut company’s stock rose significantly. Market experts believe the increase can be attributed to the expanded distribution and visibility the partnership offers Krispy Kreme by pairing with the fast-food giant.

McDonald’s History Dates Back To The 1940s

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The story of McDonald’s started in 1940 when two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald, opened their first restaurant in San Bernardino, California. They introduced a revolutionary “Speedee Service System” which set the prototype for the modern fast-food establishment.

McDonald’s got its real boost in 1955 when Ray Kroc, a Multimixer milkshake machine salesman, saw the potential and bought the franchise rights. He opened the first franchise in Des Plaines, Illinois, which eventually led to the global expansion of McDonald’s. Kroc’s ingenuity and the McDonald brothers’ original concept has turned McDonald’s into the massive fast-food corporation it is today, ultimately leading to the McDonald’s Krispy Kreme partnership

Krispy Kreme Is Even Older

Krispy Kreme, on the other hand, traces its origin back to 1937 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Vernon Rudolph, the founder, had a secret yeast-raised doughnut recipe that quickly became a beloved favorite. As the tantalizing aroma of fresh doughnuts permeated the neighborhood, local grocery stores began buying them to resell, and the concept of Krispy Kreme as we know it began to arise. With the McDonald’s Krispy Kreme partnership, that aroma will be mixed with the tantalizing smell of McDonald’s burgers and fries.

Its signature Original Glazed doughnut has become a cornerstone of the brand, recognized and loved worldwide. Despite the fierce competition in the food industry, Krispy Kreme has managed to remain a favorite, achieving international recognition.

The McDonald’s Krispy Kreme deal promises to be an exciting development for these two iconic brands and for fans of them both.