Soda Recall Gets FDA Risk Level Update

By Douglas Helm | Updated

If you have some Charles Boggini soda products in your fridge, you may want to make sure it doesn’t fall under the most recent FDA recall. The Food and Drug Administration issued a Class II health hazard for the Charles Boggini Pink Lemonade and the Charles Boggini Company Cola Flavoring Base as well as a Class III health hazard for the Charles Boggini Company Yellow Lemonade and Yellow Lemonade X.

The recall includes 28 gallons of pink lemonade, 2,723 gallons of the cola flavoring, and 112 gallons of the yellow lemonade products.

A Multi-Step Soda Recall

The drinks were all recalled in their one and five-gallon forms. The soda recall was first voluntarily initiated by the Charles Boggini Company in March, but the FDA released the health hazard classifications earlier this week. The health hazard was issued due to the soft drink products containing undeclared preservatives and food dyes, one of which has been linked to colorectal cancer in studies. 

Low Chance Of Serious Injury

The soda recall health hazard level is determined by the FDA based on several factors.

Class I classifications are the most serious or dangerous and are issued if the product has the potential for “serious injury or death.” Class II is issued when products have a lower chance of causing serious injury or death but still have a possibility of “serious enough adverse events to have irreversible consequences.” Finally, Class III is the lowest health hazard and is not likely to cause adverse health consequences, but the recall is still issued due to there being a chance.

FDA Warnings Should Be Taken Seriously

Regardless of the recall level, the FDA advises taking warnings seriously, so it’s probably best to avoid the products listed in the soda recall. The recall also lists the reasons why each product is being pulled. The Pink Lemonade product was found to have undeclared FD&C Red No. 40, which is a red dye that is required to be declared by the FDA if it’s used in the ingredient list.

Undeclared Indgredients Accidentally Mixed In

The Cola Flavoring Base in the soda recall was found to contain undeclared sulfites, which are salts used as preservatives. When the level of sulfites are over 10 ppm, they must be declared as an ingredient. Finally, the Yellow Lemonade and Yellow Lemonade X were found to have undeclared FD&C Yellow No. 5, which is a synthetic food dye often used in sodas and candies.

Not Dangerous, But Misleading

While the ingredients listed in the soda recall are actually used in quite a few food and drink products, the main issue is that they were undeclared. People have reported sensitivities to food dyes and sulfites, with some studies linking these products to conditions like allergies, migraines, skin reactions, digestive sensitivities, respiratory issues, and more. People who are sensitive to these ingredients would want to avoid them, which would be difficult to do if they weren’t listed ingredients.

So, you may see these ingredients from the soda recall listed on some other foods or drinks you get at the store. But those ingredients are listed on the label, so you at least know what you’re getting into. Still, a recall is a recall, and it’s usually best to err on the side of caution if you have a recalled item at home.