Popeyes Brings Back Fan-Favorite Items, Grab Them Before They’re Gone

By Jacob VanGundy | Published


Despite being known for their fried chicken and biscuits, Popeyes is making waves with the return of their seasonal seafood offerings. The fast-food chicken giant has brought back its popular seafood dishes as part of Lent, giving those who observe the fasting period more options. They’ve brought back both their Flounder Fish Sandwich and various shrimp offerings for a limited time. 



Popeyes is a fast-food chain that began in Louisiana back in 1972 and is known for its fried chicken and biscuits putting it in competition with other fried chicken chains like KFC and Church’s Chicken. The already popular chain was bolstered in popularity in 2019 with the popularity of its chicken sandwiches putting it in the zeitgeist. As with most fast-food chains, products like their seafood menu help diversify their menu as well as give those celebrating Lent fast-food options. 

It Doesn’t Get More Popular Than The Flounder Fish Sandwich


The popular Flounder Fish Sandwich is the most prominent menu item on the restaurant’s limited-time seafood menu, making its return for the fourth year in a row after debuting in 2021. The Flounder Fish Sandwich is coated in the same herb and spice breading as Popeye’s popular chicken, then put on a brioche bun with tartar sauce and barrel-cured pickles. For eaters who want a little kick with their fish sandwich, they also offer a spicy version of the sandwich which substitutes spicy mayo for the tartar sauce. 

Shrimp Tackle Box Combo


While the Flounder Fish Sandwich is what promotions are focused on, the limited-time menu also comes with a few options for adding fried shrimp options. In addition to the Shrimp Tackle Box Combo, which comes with eight pieces of butterfly shrimp, a biscuit, a drink, and an additional side, diners can order the Popcorn Shrimp Combo which substitutes the butterfly shrimp for a quarter pound of popcorn shrimp. For those who want to try the shrimp while still getting Popeye’s signature chicken, there’s also the Surf & Turf Combo which comes with four butterfly shrimp and two chicken tenders. 

Chicken Sandwiches

The limited-time menu allows Popeyes to experiment with new items and test the waters for the next big fast food innovation, something fast food chains are always chasing. Popeyes had a taste of this success when its chicken sandwiches became incredibly popular in 2019, prompting competitors to try to imitate their success with their own signature chicken sandwiches. Getting buzz for new menu items is a key to success for fast food chains, with chains like Popeyes competitor McDonald’s excelling in both coming up with innovative new items like the recent Mambo Sauce and marketing them. 

Get It While You Can

These limited-time offerings began on February 14 and while no official end date has been set they probably won’t be around for long after lend ends on Easter, March 23. It isn’t uncommon for fast-food restaurants to supplement their menus with additional seafood options during the holiday as many Catholics periodically abstain from red meat during Lent. However, fans of Popeye’s seafood menu shouldn’t be too worried about it permanently going away as the popular menu has become an annual practice for the chain.