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Taco Bell Is Fighting To Cancel Taco Tuesday

Taco Bell is suing to eliminate the patent on Taco Tuesday.

11 months ago

A New Beer Is Being Made From Used Shower Water

A company is combating water scarcity by making “shower beer” from recycled water.

12 months ago

McDonald’s Is Making 10-Year-Olds Work Until After Midnight, See The Video

McDonald’s franchises in Kentucky were caught breaking child labor laws.

12 months ago

kat mcnamara

See Kat McNamara Celebrate National Banana Day

Kat McNamara observes National Banana Day by sharing a healthy recipe.

1 year ago

3D Printers Now Make Edible Food, But Does It Taste Good?

3D printers that cook using lasers can customize every single bite of a meal.

1 year ago

Hugh Grant Reveals A Disgusting Hot Dog Story That Will Have You Running To The Toilet

Hugh Grant ate too many Nathan’s hot dogs filming in Coney Island and suffered for it.

1 year ago

MIT Scientists Are Working On The Best Way To Open An Oreo, Seriously

MIT scientists have found the perfect technique to split an Oreo with even amounts of creme on each side.

1 year ago

Scientists Have Developed Meatballs Made Out Of A Long Extinct Animal

An Australian food startup concocted meatballs using woolly mammoth DNA.

1 year ago

gordon ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Accused Of Ripping Off Iconic Reality Show

Lord Sugar has accused Gordon Ramsay of ripping off The Apprentice with his new show Future Food Stars.

1 year ago

mac and cheese

Florida Woman Files $5 Million Lawsuit Over Mac & Cheese

The lovely state of Florida is well-known for being home to Florida Man, but in this developing story, Florida Woman …

1 year ago

gal gadot
iron chef
edible tape

Engineers Invent Edible Tape For The Best Reason

Well this is perfect.

2 years ago

clint eastwood

How Clint Eastwood Legalized Ice Cream

Well, thank God Clint was there.

2 years ago

Ariel Robinson

Food Network Star Will Be Spending The Rest Of Her Life In Prison

A Food Network champion and season star has been sentenced to life in prison for a very tragic and upsetting crime.

2 years ago

psychedelic tomato

A Gene-Edited Tomato In Your Grocery Store Contains Psychedelic Drugs?

Are the tomatoes you buy giving you more of a party than you expected?

2 years ago


Subway Under Fire For Horrifying New Report About Their Tuna Sandwich

Something fishy is going on at Subway.

3 years ago

Eggs Diet

Eggs Are Bad For You Again?

Eggs, one of the most popular breakfast foods across the globe, may no longer be as healthy as we once …

3 years ago

cactus jack mcdonalds feature

Cactus Jack Is Trending Because McDonald’s Has A Secret Meal

A new meal has been revealed by the Golden Arches.

4 years ago

Free Food: These National Restaurants Are Giving It Away To Win You Back

Several national restaurant chains are giving away free food to entice people back to their restaurants. Get yours with our handy list of free food near you.

4 years ago


James Cameron-Supported School Cutting Meat And Dairy From Lunches

James Cameron is famous for many things, movies and lawsuits most notable among them. But he is also involved with …

10 years ago


Forget About Wheaties—Eat Your Insects!

Here’s another reason I’m glad to be vegetarian: I have a solid excuse not to try foodstuffs produced in America’s …

10 years ago


See What’s Inside Your Food With This Molecular Sensor

Appearances can be deceiving. This is one of the first lessons we learn when it comes to assessing…well, everything. Particularly …

10 years ago

Forget Cold Pizza Tomorrow Morning—This Pizza Will Keep For Three Years

Pizza has been the subject of some interesting science lately. The PiePal allows people to order a pizza at the …

10 years ago


For All Those Dumb Boobs, Microsoft Has Made A Smart Bra

In yesterday’s post about Sony’s patent for a SmartWig I mentioned that we’ll have SmartEverythings soon, including a SmartBra. You …

10 years ago

plants on the moon

NASA Will Try To Grow Plants On The Moon In 2015

In President Obama’s 2010 speech on the country’s space program, he undid the previous administration’s plan to send American astronauts …

10 years ago

godzilla 1954

Tongue Electrode Allows You To Taste Virtual Foods

Look at all that wonderful food. While it would be great to actually settle down to eat this feast in …

10 years ago

Harvard And MIT To Offer Free Online Cooking And Science Course

Usually whenever a pop science course shows up at a college, it’s got something to do with fictional entertainment, such …

11 years ago