See Kat McNamara Celebrate National Banana Day

Kat McNamara observes National Banana Day by sharing a healthy recipe.

By Kevin C. Neece | Published

Actor and producer Kat McNamara took to Instagram to celebrate National Banana Day—yes, that’s a thing—with a recipe demonstration for banana oat bars that look amazing. The Arrowverse star, who looks at home firing off guns, also seems comfortable doing some healthy baking. In the video, she demonstrates the simple yet effective method she uses for creating what looks to be some yummy banana treats.

The ingredients are simple enough: bananas, oats, cinnamon, vanilla (because vanilla makes everything better, Kat McNamara says), blueberries, and butterscotch chips. McNamara claims to have put in too much cinnamon, but we’re not sure that’s actually true, as the end result looks lovely. The method is also simple: smashing up bananas, adding the dry ingredients, mashing it all up, adding toppings, and baking in a bread pan or Corningware dish.

But Kat McNamara has, of course, done a lot more than baking in her career. On Arrow, she played Mia Queen, daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, who took on the mantle of The Green Arrow across Arrow, The Flash, and Batwoman. Now that DC is introducing a new Green Arrow, following the end of the Arrow series, we’re excited to see both where that character goes and what McNamara will be doing next.

Kat McNamara is currently starring as Abby Walker in Walker: Independence, a Western that follows her character’s quest for revenge after her husband is murdered in front of her. On her way, she meets up with Hoyt Rollins (Matt Barr), and the two end up in the town of Independence, Texas. There, they encounter other people with dark histories who also seem to be seeking escape in the town.

It’s a powerful role for Kat McNamara that sees her continue her career on The CW, the network on which the Arrowverse has thrived since its days as The WB. As the name suggests, the series is a prequel to the network’s Walker, itself a reboot of the 1990s Chuck Norris series Walker, Texas Ranger. In a manner similar to the recent Yellowstone prequels, like 1923, it follows an ancestor of the titular ranger in the pioneering days of the early American West.

But Kat McNamara has a taste for horror and comedy as well. She produced and acted in a film called Untitled Horror Movie, a comedy about the making of a horror film. She has previously starred in other horror films, and her IMDb producing credits include the forthcoming Don’t Open the Door, about a young man who finds himself the latest in a string of cursed boyfriends.

Before we join Kat McNamara in going down that nightmarish road or in a revenge Western, let’s take a moment to bake. We didn’t know National Banana Day existed before now, but we think it’s the perfect opportunity to put McNamara’s recipe to the test and enjoy some tasty treats. Or we could watch her bake them repeatedly and plan for National Banana Day 2024.