Kat McNamara Poses With Guns And Fires Them Off In Thrilling Video

Kat McNamara is training for a new project at a shooting range, according to a video the actress posted on social media.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

katherine mcnamara

Kat McNamara is setting Instagram off with a bang! The sexy Shadowhunters star posted a video of herself target shooting with various firearms on the social media app yesterday, saying only that she was “training for a new project.” McNamara moved through what appeared to be a sort of target obstacle course as she shot at different targets, including a bullet-ridden practice dummy.

The actress wore jeans and a sweatshirt for her shooting spree, along with a pair of shades and a ball cap. At some point, Kat McNamara ditched the hat as she continued to blow away cardboard people while rockin’ out to Taylor Swift‘s “…Ready For It?” The Arrow actress starts the video with a semi-automatic rifle and switches halfway through to a handgun.

Judging by the video, this isn’t McNamara’s first time at a shooting range. The actress demonstrated a fair amount of proficiency with both the rifle and the handgun. At one point in the video, Kat fired a whole clip, reloaded, and continued firing with barely a pause in the action.

Kat was recently nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award for Best Actress in an Action Series, Limited Series, or Made-For-TV Movie for her series Walker: Independence. McNamara posted about the nomination on a separate Instagram post, saying she is “honored” to be nominated alongside “such incredible women.” The actress also brandished a firearm for Walker: Independence, albeit one more appropriate for the show’s 1800’s setting.

Kat McNamara started her acting career on stage in Kansas City, Missouri, before moving up to Broadway shows. One show, 2009’s A Little Night Music, saw the rookie actor sharing the stage with veterans Catherine Zeta-Jones and the late Angela Lansbury. McNamara traded curtains for a call sheet when she advanced to television. Kat started out with bit parts on Law & Order: SVU and 30 Rock before getting her big break as the lead in Freeform’s Shadowhunters.

katherine mcnamara

Kat McNamara played Clary Fray for all 55 episodes of the supernatural drama. The show was so popular that, as reported by Teen Vogue, McNamara won a People’s Choice Award for her role as Fray.

No information about the secret project Kat was preparing for in her Instagram video has come out yet. The tight-lipped star didn’t offer any details except what can be seen in the video and the hashtag #staytuned. Based on the video, one can guess that the next Kat McNamara role will be action-heavy, but that’s about it.

Will Kat play an FBI agent or local law enforcement officer for her new project? Anything is possible. Perhaps McNamara was practicing for a role that goes against type. Could the actress be preparing to play a villain this time? It would certainly be a change from her roles on Shadowhunters and Walker: Independence.

Whether she’s going after bad guys or good guys, it doesn’t matter. If they’re going up against Kat McNamara, then they’re going down. If the above video is any proof, when Kat’s gunning for you, she doesn’t miss.