The Flash’s Final Season Bringing Back The Arrowverse’s Time-Traveling Misfits

The final season of The Flash will bring in the Legends of Tomorrow.

By Jessica Scott | Published

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CW’s The Flash is heading into its final season, and it’s bringing back some old friends. In addition to the return of Rick Cosnett, Matt Letscher, and Jessica Parker Kennedy, The Nerds of Color break the news that The Flash will bring in the cast of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will also make an appearance this season. According to their interview with showrunner Eric Wallace, “All the Legends at least are all going to appear in an episode.” 

This line was later edited after the interview was published, with the site posting a correction that noted that Wallace never explicitly said that all the Legends will be back, but it is assumed that The Flash will feature a number of the Legends of Tomorrow heroes.

It is also unclear whether The Flash will see the original Legends of Tomorrow characters from seasons one through seven, or if Wallace was talking about the most recent incarnation of the group. It is likely to be the latter, however, as Wallace mentioned that he wanted to use this series to provide some closure after that series ended on a cliffhanger. 

“[M]y original concept,” he said, “was to have at least one — if not a two-parter — that wrapped up Legends of Tomorrow… When we found out we only have 13 episodes, that was no longer possible.” He went on to say that those 13 episodes are barely enough to wrap up things for The Flash and his family, so it’s kind of impossible to wrap up Legends of Tomorrow too, even if that would have made Arrowverse fans extremely happy. 

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For those Flash fans who need a refresher on how things ended for The Legends of Tomorrow, the seventh season culminated in the time-traveling team being trapped in the 1920s after their waverider was ruined. They tried to head to New York City but ran into problem after problem as they neared the end of the season – and the end of the series.

The Legends fought evil versions of themselves and returned to the waverider to try to find their way back, only to get captured by a mysterious group along with Booster Gold (Donald Faison). Then the show ended abruptly, with no resolution for this or any of the other storylines that were left unfinished.

Season nine of The Flash, however, has nothing to do with the Legends of Tomorrow predicament – and it is getting the chance to wrap things up in a way that would be satisfying to both fans and its creators. The season starts with Barry (Grant Gustin) trying to reconnect with Iris (Candice Patton) after his battle with Reverse Flash at the end of season eight. 

But, of course, a new threat emerges, and the couple has to put their romance (and the family they know they will have thanks to previous timeline disruptions) on the back burner as Barry assembles Team Flash to stop the Rogues as Central City, in addition to the all-too-fragile timeline, is hit with its biggest threat thus far.

The final season of The Flash will not just crossover with the Legends of Tomorrow, but also with the show that it spun off from, Arrow. Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) will make an appearance this season as well, making it a veritable who’s who of the Arrowverse.