Yellowstone: 1923 Finale Is Leaving Fans Incredibly Upset

Yellowstone: 1923 did not wrap up events sufficiently for many fans of the Paramoun+ spin-off show.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

Yellowstone 1923

Season one of the Yellowstone hit spin-off 1923 just came to an end, and fans are not happy about it. According to Country Living, viewers are “riled up” about the way the season wrapped things up… without actually really wrapping up anything at all.

There was a lot happening in the finale episode of Yellowstone: 1923, but not many characters or storylines seemed to reach any sort of resolution. Jacob (Harison Ford) just got even deeper into financial trouble. Elizabeth and Jack (Michelle Randolph and Darren Mann, respectively) lose their baby. And Teonna and Pete (Aminah Nieves and Cole Brings Plenty) are still on the run. 

The most frustrating of the storylines on the Harrison Ford Yellowstone prequel, however, is that of Alex and Spencer (Julia Schlaepfer and Brandon Sklenar). The couple has been on a journey to make it back to Montana, but as of the end of 1923’s first season, they are still a long way off.

The two of them are on a ship, heading home, when Alex’s former fiance, Arthur (Rafe Soule) shows up. He and Spencer get into it, and their fight turns into an official duel. This ends with Arthur being tossed overboard, which then gets Spencer tossed in the brig. The couple is separated, and still nowhere near the end of their odyssey.

harrison ford 1923

Yellowstone: 1923 has its own Instagram account, on which writers announced the finale is currently streaming. Instead of just being hyped to watch the show, though, fans are using the post as a place to air their grievances about the episode.

“Wait, that was the finale?” one of them wrote incredulously. Others shared this same sentiment, with many lamenting how short Yellowstone: 1923’s season was and how they are now going to have to wait who knows how long to find out if Alex and Spencer ever make it home or if Jacob ever gets all of his financial issues sorted out. 

Others described the Yellowstone: 1923 season finale as an emotional rollercoaster. “Ohh my gosh!!!” wrote one viewer, “This last episode had me happy[,] sad and then afraid.” Still, though, the biggest number of commenters focused on Spencer still not having made it to Montana, with comments alternating between being angry over this and laughing about it. 

To make matters worse, Paramount+ has not yet issued a statement about when Yellowstone: 1923 will return. A second season has been ordered, though, so at least fans have that much to hang on to. 

This annoyed reaction following the Yellowstone: 1923 season finale is something that has been happening more and more in this day in age, especially on streaming networks. Seasons tend to be much shorter than they were back in the old days when people just watched shows on television, and these seasons often end on a cliffhanger to encourage people to return and binge the whole next season as well.

Yellowstone: 1923 is not the only Yellowstone-themed series on the streaming platform, however. If you’ve really got a hankering for some Western drama, the original Yellowstone will be back this summer with the second half of its most recent season.