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When Paramount+ announced a new Taylor Sheridan series in the Yellowstone universe, fans were naturally excited. They have been following the Dutton family since the first episode of the Kevin Costner-led record-breaking series dropped in June 2018, so when Sheridan went back in time with 1883, fans were all on board.

When word came that the Dutton story would continue with a new series set 40 years later, fans were again excited and wanted to know just what Yellowstone 1923 was all about – let us help with that.


yellowstone 1923

It is always big news when Taylor Sheridan brings his stories to the small screen. So, when the idea of Yellowstone 1923 hit, the anticipation went through the roof. When it was announced that two legends were joining and leading the cast, well, it was music to fans’ ears.

Yellowstone 1923 is led by Academy Award nominee and everyone’s favorite Star Wars rascal (sorry Luke, Leia, and Lando) Harrison Ford. The 80-year-old legend, who just finished his fifth go-around as Indiana Jones, is joined by the 77-year-old Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren. Like all Yellowstone fans, we were sold.

Ford plays Jacob Dutton, the brother to James Dutton (Tim McGraw from 1883), and who is now the patriarch of the Yellowstone ranch. Mirren plays Cara Dutton, Ford’s wife, the matriarch of the ranch, and a fierce protector of everything she loves. They were joined by some other solid actors.


First up is James Badge Dale, in the Yellowstone 1923 cast as John Dutton Sr. He is the oldest nephew to Jacob and Cara and is Jacob’s right-hand man. Dale is known for his roles on the hit TV series 24, The Pacific, The Grey, and Iron Man 3.

Joining Dale was also Darren Mann as Jack Dutton, John Dutton Sr.’s son who loves everything about ranching and, like most Duttons, is extremely loyal to the family. Mann is a relative newcomer to Hollywood without many credits to his name. He is best known for playing Luke Chalfant in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Michelle Randolph plays Elizabeth Strafford. She is described as being feisty and very capable and is ready to join the Dutton family through marriage. She sounds like she will be a perfect fit.

Marley Shelton joined the cast as Emma Dutton, John Dutton Sr.’s wife. She is also the mother to Jack Dutton and if her name rings a bell, perhaps it should. Shelton is best known for her role in the classic film, The Sandlot, where she played lifeguard Wendy Peffercorn, the straw that stirred Michael “Squints” Palledorous’s drink.

Two others in Yellowstone 1923 cast are Sebastian Roché (General Hospital, The Vampire Diaries) as Father Renaud, who is the headmaster of a school for American Indians. Brian Geraghty (Big Sky) is also on hand as Yellowstone’s loyal foreman. It is a stacked cast.

Of course, you can’t have a Yellowstone series without someone who will give the Dutton’s a run for their money (or land, in this case), and “James Bond” is on hand to do just that.

In this instance, “James Bond” is Timothy Dalton, and he plays Donald Whitfield, a man who is powerful, wealthy, and not lacking in confidence. He uses intimidation to get what he wants and for the most part, he always gets what he wants.


The story follows this newer generation of the Dutton family, which is dealing with “pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition and the Great Depression” which “all plague the mountain west and the Duttons who call it home.”

The series is not solely set in Montana. Because of the various plot lines, the stories also touch on the first World War and the effects it has had on the Dutton family. This required Sheridan to not only set up production in Montana, but also took crews to South Africa, Tanzania, and Malta, to get the scope he was seeking.

With the show’s timing set during the aftermath of World War I and prior to the Stock Market Crash, these larger world events are wrapped into the story.

But on a low level, the beats are similar to the main series in that the Duttons are fighting their own family wars on multiple fronts. There are local sheep herders who are at odds with the family, corrupt law enforcement, and of course, the local Native American population that all become central to the story.


The next chapter is coming soon. Although there are a few fans who are not pleased with the fact that the series will only premiere on Paramount+, they will get their first look at it when Yellowstone 1923 arrives on December 18, 2022. In another bit of bad news, Paramount+ will be holding off on the second episode until January 1, 2023.

While the bad news concerning when and where one can view Yellowstone 1923 is more annoying than anything, fans will be pleased to know that the new series will not stop with just one season as it did with 1883. This time, Sheridan has plenty more to say, so fans will be getting two seasons out of the series, both getting an eight-episode treatment.


If you thought you’ve seen all that Yellowstone and Taylor Sheridan have to show, think again. Yellowstone, along with a couple of other Sheridan creations, is poised to keep entertaining fans for years to come. Fans already have come back for more Yellowstone, as season 5 recently premiered with back-to-back one-hour episodes, and they were also recently treated to the birth of the Dutton Dynasty with the superb 1883, but you’re going to need to hold on to your hats because there is more to come.

Fans are anticipating the next generation of Dutton’s with Yellowstone 1923 and we know that it will be two seasons of eight episodes each. Sheridan also just dropped the first episode of another highly anticipated series, Tulsa King, starring Academy Award-winning actor, writer, producer, and owner of the best cinematic left hook, Sylvester Stallone. Sly punched the first episode (literally in the episode’s first five minutes) right out of the ring and fans of the lefty can’t wait for more.

As for Sheridan’s Yellowstone following, season 5 is off to a rousing start with Yellowstone 1923 waiting in the wings. Those who wanted more from 1883 will get their wish, in a roundabout way. Already filming is Yellowstone: 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, which follows the dramatic true-life story of Bass Reeves, played by David Oyelowo.

Beyond that, Yellowstone news is filled with rumors. For instance, word on the ranch is that the Dutton family may be seen in the 1940s as well as the 1960s. What isn’t a rumor is the Yellowstone spin-off, Yellowstone: 6666, is also in the works. So, for those who need their Yellowstone fix, Sheridan has got you covered.

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