Yellowstone Prequel Actor Sought By Police

By Nikola Pajtic | Published

Actor Cole Brings Plenty, known for his role in the Yellowstone prequel series 1923, is being sought by Kansas police in connection with an alleged domestic violence incident that took place over Easter weekend, specifically Sunday morning. 

Cole Brings Plenty A Suspect

Police were called to an apartment in Lawrence, Kansas on Easter Sunday morning after reports of a woman screaming for help.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found it empty. However, their investigation led them to identify Cole Brings Plenty as the suspect in the alleged domestic violence incident.

Authorities believe Brings Plenty fled the scene before police arrived. He was nowhere to be found in the area when they arrived at the scene. On the other hand, traffic camera footage showed him leaving Lawrence shortly after the incident in a 2005 white Ford Explorer traveling southbound on Highway 59. 

Issuing An Alert

The Lawrence police have taken further action and issued an alert for Cole Brings Plenty to nearby law enforcement agencies. However, no more details about the very incident have been provided by the police due to the nature of the case to protect the victim. 

The search for the Yellowstone spin-off series actor extends beyond law enforcement. 

Moses Brings Plenty


A couple of days after the incident, Cole Brings Plenty’s uncle, Moses Brings Plenty, who is also a Yellowstone actor, took to social media to share a missing person poster. 

The post included details about Cole’s last place he was seen and what vehicle he was driving.

He expressed his concerns by writing that his phone was off and that he missed a meeting with his agent, which is highly unusual for the Yellowstone spin-off actor. 

Taking To Social Media

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Another concern comes from Cole Brings Plenty’s father, Joseph Brings Plenty Sr. who turned to Facebook for information on his son.

In his post, Joseph Sr. uploaded a collection of recent photos along with the missing person poster, expressing his worry and stating that Cole hasn’t responded to his calls or messages. 

“If anyone knows where my son Cole Brings Plenty is please tell him to call me,” he wrote. “His family is very worried about him. Last seen early morning hours on Easter morning. He hasn’t messaged me or called me back, I have some of our family and friends in the area looking for him.”

Role In 1923


After Joseph Brings Plenty Sr. contacted the police concerned about his son, Lawrence police confirmed on Facebook that they had contact with the family of the Yellowstone spin-off series actor. They reported him missing.

They added that anyone with information can contact them at 785-832-7509 or the Kansas Bureau of Investigation at 785-296-4017.

Cole Brings Plenty made his acting debut in the critically acclaimed drama series 1923 in the role of Pete Plenty Clouds. The series is a prequel to the popular neo-Western series, Yellowstone, which follows the Dutton family led by John Dutton who controls a massive ranch in Montana. 

A Yellowstone Prequel


1923 is about a previous generation of Duttons in the early 20th century as they try to make a name for themselves against historical hardships, including prohibition, the Great Depression, and others. 

Additionally to the role in the Yellowstone spin-off series, Cole Brings Plenty appeared in minor roles on shows like The Tall Tales of Jim Bridger and Into the Wild Frontier

Until the situation is resolved, Cole Brings Plenty’s career is on hold, but hopefully future has plenty of roles for the young actor. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly