A Yellowstone Festival Is Coming This Summer

A Yellowstone-themed festival is coming to Brighton Michigan later this summer.

By Mark McKee | Published

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For half of a decade, Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan have brought one of the most popular television series of all time to the country, the cultural phenomenon Yellowstone. Following the powerful Dutton family, the series has brought more attention to the ranch life and made country cool again. According to Comic Book, one Michigan town is showing its love for the series with the first-ever Yellowstone festival. 

Announced in an Instagram post by the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce the town will forgo the usual art festival in the downtown area and will switch to a country music festival themed after the popular series. The video sees many of community members as they act out some of the more famous scenes from seasons past and change the dialogue to focus on the upcoming festival. According to the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Pam McConeghy, they plan to have country music, horseback riding, and food trucks, with the goal of making it as authentic as possible. 

A Yellowstone festival isn’t as far-fetched as it may sound, Con of Thrones and Dragon Con are both conventions based around Game of Thrones, and there are numerous festivals, cons, and gatherings themed after Star TrekLord of the RingsHarry Potter, and superheroes that happen every year. With all that in mind, a festival that focuses on the workings of a ranch seems a lot more doable since the organizers don’t need to find one dragon, wizard, or alien to make it feel ripped straight from the screen. As of now, the Chamber of Commerce is searching for and auditioning country music bands to get the feel right. 

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The cast of Yellowstone

Yellowstone captured the hearts and minds of viewers across the country by using the brutal, cold, and somehow charming aura of Kevin Costner as the Dutton patriarch. His love of family and devotion to their empire sends them through a constant up and down against rival ranches, cultures, businesses, social issues, and even the government. All the while, the characters around them reveal more dirt than the ranch uses to bury their less-than-honorable dealings. 

Of course, any good Yellowstone festival would have to lean on the powerful characters that bring the drama to the screen week in and week out. Kelly Reily’s spitfire performance as Beth gives the perfect framework for the truth hurts kind of approach festival workers could have, mirroring those rude servers at diners that go viral on social media. Cole Hauser’s Rip is perfect for those mingling in the crowds, taking pictures, and being equal parts charming and mysterious. And, of course, Wes Bently’s Jamie would work perfectly as the cold security personnel, a stickler for keeping things going without a hitch and somewhat unlikeable. 

Now we wouldn’t expect any of these stars to show up for the Yellowstone festival, but their on-screen performances provide the framework needed for Brighton to cast the perfect festival staff. So break out your cowboy hats, boots, and Carhart jackets and vests and plan a trip to Brighton, Michigan, if you want a taste of the Dutton Ranch.