Yellowstone Star Knows How The Series Will End

Yellowstone's Wes Bentley was told by Taylor Sheridan how the series will end, but he has not shared that information.

By Britta DeVore | Published


Just in case you were worried that Taylor Sheridan was dipping his creativity into too many Yellowstone off-shoots, the franchise creator does indeed know how he wants the original series to end. Unlike fans of Game of Thrones, who had their captain George R. R. Martin jump ship and pass the controls to showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, series star Wes Bentley says that Sheridan has a concise and planned end in sight – even if it’s still pretty far off in the distance. According to Deadline, While the end may still be in the distant future, Bentley says that the Yellowstone creator shared his thoughts with him “a while ago,” adding that “[Sheridan] knows how” the series will come to a close.

Bentley’s comments came during a Yellowstone panel at the Screen Actors Guild headquarters yesterday during which he said that Sheridan has already revealed to the actor how he plans on ending the series. Beyond that, Bentley kept it tight-lipped. When pressed as to whether he believed some Dutton blood would be shed by the series finale, the actor cheekily replied, “I’m not a Dutton.”

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The Yellowstone star did, however, give more insight into his character Jamie Dutton, saying that he “knows what’s coming” and that he’s already accepted his fate as a dead man. He promises that Jamie will keep audiences guessing as to whether he’s “holding onto power” or if he has a play in mind that would see something good come from it. Standing by his character’s side, Bentley says that he believes Jamie “has a good argument,” but hasn’t gone about things in “the right way.”

The first seven episodes of Yellowstone’s fifth season culminated in a mid-season finale on New Year’s Day. Now, the cast and crew will pick up production on the second part of the fifth season which is set to air this summer. During their SAG panel, each cast member present revealed that they were uncertain of what the rest of the season would hold for their characters.  

Lucky for Yellowstone fans who can’t get enough of the tale of the Dutton family, Taylor Sheridan has been busy building out a universe with plenty more content on the way. The first spin-off to test the waters came last year via the prequel series 1883 which told the story of how the Dutton family first made their way out West. An immediate hit, Sheridan soon realized that he could further expand the family’s story, which is exactly what he did.

Most recently, Yellowstone’s prequel 1923 was dropped, and with a call sheet that includes legendary names like Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, you better believe that it’s been a hit. Picking up with the family in the titular year, 1923 centers on the Dutton’s life on the ranch while they deal with more folks arriving out West, Prohibition, and the Great Depression. Currently, in its first season, the series plans to wrap the story up during its second season.

Following 1923 will be two other Yellowstone spin-offs: 6666 and 1883: The Bass Reeves Story. 6666 will take place in the present day at the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas and is set to drop on Paramount+ in 2023. The Bass Reeves Story will act as a spin-off of 1883 and will tell the story of the titular character who inspired the Lone Ranger.