Harrison Ford Is Joining Marvel And Is Replacing Another Actor

Harrison Ford is joining Marvel as Thunderbolt Ross, effectively replacing William Hurt.

By James Brizuela | Published

Harrison Ford was rumored to be retiring from big movies after he is set to portray Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones 5, which is releasing in June of 2023. However, we can report through the Hot Mic Podcast that Harrison Ford is finally making his jump to Marvel, and he will be taking on the role of Thunderbolt Ross and will be starring in Thunderbolts. Thunderbolt Ross was initially portrayed by William Hurt, but Hurt sadly passed away in March, leaving the door open for Ford to take his place.

william hurt thunderbolt ross

Harrison Ford has long been linked to Marvel, and it is fantastic that he is set to finally make that jump, as he has been a legendary actor of pop culture fame. Ford famously portrayed Han Solo in Star Wars, has been Indiana Jones for decades, and is now finally going to be cemented in the MCU. While many are undoubtedly going to be sad that William Hurt is being replaced, there couldn’t be more of a better choice than Ford to step into the role of Thunderbolt Ross.

While the comic iteration of the Thunderbolts did see Thunderbolt Ross as its defacto leader, the team is not named after him, but it was certainly led by Ross in the comics. This could mean that even though he was not pictured in the initial Thunderbolts reveal, Ford is going to be appearing at some point in another Marvel movie. Another exciting aspect of this announcement is that Harrison Ford could be joining Marvel to now be the Red Hulk.

Thunderbolt Ross has always hunted down the Hulk in the comics, which has also shown in The Incredible Hulk from 2008, but he then transforms himself into the Red Hulk in the comics to further combat his nemesis. We are not saying that Harrison Ford joining Marvel means that he is to become the Red Hulk, but it would make sense for that to happen, given the trajectory of Hulk’s story so far.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been expanding the story of both Hulks, and we do know that Bruce Banner’s Hulk disappeared in a Sakarran spaceship at the beginning of the series. This led many to believe that the World War Hulk storyline was going to start being forged. Harrison Ford now joining Marvel as Thunderbolt Ross, and subsequently turning into the Red Hulk could help to lead into that story and would see Red Hulk and Hulk finally battle it out with one another.

Harrison Ford joining Marvel is going to be monumental, especially if he has agreed to also turn into the Red Hulk for the foreseeable future, which would also effectively silence the rumors of his retiring from movies. Ford is likely agreeing to appear in many MCU movies, on top of also leading the Thunderbolts feature, which we are all completely fine with. We are not sure when his official reveal will happen, and when he would show up, but it would be spectacular if Ford mic drops a cameo in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.