Harrison Ford’s Yellowstone Fate Is Decided And Fans Are Going Crazy

Paramount+ has confirmed that the Yellowstone prequel 1923 will be coming back for a second season.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

harrison ford 1923
Harrison Ford in 1923

Fans have really been digging the Yellowstone prequel 1923 and after its first season, the big question was whether the show would be renewed. Here’s some good news: according to The Hollywood Reporter, we’ll be getting a second season of 1923, and that means seeing much more of Harrison Ford in all his scraggly, small-screen glory. Needless to say, the announcement of a second season has Yellowstone fans wilding out on Twitter.

This fan cuts to the heart of the matter: whether Harrison Ford’s character Jacob Dutton on 1923 was going to survive or not. Given what Ford said during this interview, he’ll be around for the second season. During a midseason twist, Jacob looked as if he was about to die, leaving many fans wondering if movie star Ford was minimizing his commitment to this TV show. 

As much as fans love Harrison Ford in 1923, others are fonder of Brandon Sklenar’s Spencer Dutton. That includes the above Twitter user who presumably has a thing for rugged cowboys. And, honestly, it’s tough to blame her.

How excited are fans to see Harrison Ford and crew return for a second season of 1923? This fan put it quite bluntly. When it comes to hype, she’s much more excited for this western prequel series than for the upcoming Grammy awards.

We like to think Harrison Ford is a pretty natural draw on his own, but this fan puts her finger on the pulse of why 1923 has proven so popular. Ford plays Jacob Dutton, an ancestor of John Dutton III (played by Kevin Costner) over on Yellowstone. If you’re invested in this family’s story, then seeing a kind of “origin story” is pretty powerful (a lesson Star Wars taught Hollywood many years ago).

In the age of the internet, images (especially moving images like GIFs) really do say a thousand words. In this case, the Twitter user reacted to the news of Harrison Ford and 1923 coming back by posting an image of Leonardo DiCaprio’s naked excitement in The Wolf of Wall Street. This user might go as far as to say that two seasons are rookie numbers in this racket.

For this last fan, their excitement for the show coming back is conditional on it … well … actually coming back. He points out that Paramount+ previously announced a Season 2 for 1883 and then rescinded that renewal. But given that Harrison Ford is giving interviews to Today talking about 1923 coming back, we’re pretty sure it’s a safe bet.

Whether you’re a fan of Harrison Ford, Yellowstone, 1923, or all three, this announcement is very big news. If nothing else, it’s great to see Harrison Ford excited about acting again. The only way we knew it was him in the Star Wars sequel trilogy rather than an AI-generated character is that AI characters don’t usually look that damn bored to be there.