Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren Can’t Remember Why They Joined Yellowstone

Helen Mirren thought she took her role in Yellowstone 1923 because Harrison Ford had already agreed to the show, but Harrison Ford says he only took the part because Helen Mirren first joined.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

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Fans of the Yellowstone franchise were wildly excited to see both Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren team up as the Duttons for the prequel 1923. The two display the rudded grit of the early 20th-century frontiersmen perfectly. However, in a new tell-all interview with Deadline, Helen Mirren explains the mix-up that got them both on the show together and her revelation that neither of them really knows why they joined the show. 

In the interview, Helen Mirren recounts the events that led up to her joining the show. She claims that even though the series had no script, she decided to sign on because Harrison Ford had already said yes. In a strange turn of events, Harrison Ford also claims that he decided to go on the show because he believed Helen Mirren had already said yes. 

As it turns out, both decided to become the Duttons because they believed the other had already signed on. What truly went down is now lost to history, and we will probably never know who actually agreed first, but fans can revel in the mix-up that landed them both on 1923. “I think its a wonderful pairing,” Helen Mirren went on to say, “We love each other very much as people…There’s just no two ways about it.”

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren played husband and wife in the 1986 film The Mosquito Coast. The two have a friendship that spans nearly four decades since first working together, making a reunion on Taylor Sheridan’s 1923 an exciting prospect for both of them. 

Helen Mirren describes Sheridan’s unique approach to casting. When offered to join the show, she asked if there was a script to look at. There was none because Sheridan, who writes for his actors, begins writing after getting a cast in place.

Helen liked that idea, and after spending time with Sheridan, was handed a script with a character that suited her perfectly.

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Cara Dutton is known for her Irish roots and strong accent. That touch was added by Helen Mirren. At the time 1923 takes place, America was a mix of immigrants coming from all over the world, leading Helen to decide to put an Irish spin on Cara, something Sheridan approved of. 

While neither can remember exactly what landed them on the show, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren both had a great time filming. Helen details the stunning natural environment they got to film in, most of which took place in Montana. According to Mirren, the location was rugged, wild, and absolutely beautiful.

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren play Jacob and Cara Dutton in the hit prequel 1923. Cara and Jacob are the ancestors of the Duttons from Yellowstone. Throughout the series, the two struggle to keep their land and family in place amid a slew of hardships.

With rugged grit, the actors portray the 20th-century frontiersmen with the poise expected from Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. 

When first released on Paramount+ in December of last year, it quickly amassed the fanbase that’s come to be expected from a Taylor Sheridan production. For those disappointed to see the series come to an end, a second Yellowstone 1923 season is on the horizon. Fans can expect Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren to return sometime in the future for 1923 Season 2.