The 6 Major Pizza Chains, Ranked

By Doug Norrie | Updated

The Best Pizza Chains In The United States By Loyalty

Pizza fans can be fiercely loyal to the places where their favorite pies come out of the oven. While there are plenty of mom-and-pop pizza joints out there, a number of pizza chains have also cropped up over the years to corner some of the market. These pizza chains typically focus on speed, price, and consistency of offerings.

Marketforce compiled stats around customer loyalty and we’ve seen how some of the pizza chains stack up against each other when it comes to those who want to come back time and time again. Let’s take a look at the best pizza chains out there, ranking them from #6 to #1.

6. Pizza Hut

Having the most locations in the United States doesn’t necessarily make you the best pizza chain, even if it might mean you are the most ambitious. Pizza Hut has a distinctive style of pie, thick with the dough and they’ve wanted to go big in the past with offerings like Supreme, Meat Lover’s (and really any other kind of Lover’s).

Pizza Hut ranked the lowest in brand loyalty among the biggest pizza chains though they have tried over the years to keep coming up with ways to make customers keep coming back. Their pies are greasy and cheesy, which will appeal to some, but there are clearly better options.

5. Little Caesars

Pizza, pizza. Little Caesars has Hot-N-Ready pizzas no matter when you arrive and have been around since 1959. Fans will know them for the cartoon-y Caesar who ran around for years reminding everyone what the heck this place sold. 

If you are busy or on the run, Little Caesars is a good option because you won’t be waiting long. But in terms of taste and style, there are clearly better options out there. 

4. Papa John's

With a catchy tagline like “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza” you’d think they’d rank a little higher on the list of best pizza chains. And to some degree, that’s true because the company made a name early for its quality pies and ability to deliver on its promise. 

But there have been some consistency issues over the years and, at times, the output is location dependent. In all, this is still a good option when it comes to getting a quick pie at a reasonable cost. And there are definitely folks out there who are fiercely loyal to the brand. 

3. Domino's

Of all the pizza chains out there, Domino’s might be the one that folks picture when they think about the name that actually defines the group. With more than 17,000 locations, Domino’s is a powerhouse that made its bones on great delivery times and consistent offerings. 

Over the years, they’ve continued to improve on the menu, with more and more offerings that have expanded beyond just traditional pies. Domino’s has been around for decades and the aspect of them becoming a mainstay has been because they’ve consistently made sure they respect their customers.

2. Marco's Pizza

Don’t let the fact that Marco’s Pizza started in Toledo, Ohio throw you off about how much folks really love this pizza chain. It is founded by  Pat Giammarco whose family moved from Italy to the US when he was young.

They turn out Italian-style pies and have options like the Pepperoni Magnifico and the White Cheezy. In other years, Marco’s Pizza has actually ranked at the top of the Market Force lists, though did slip a spot in brand loyalty this time around.

1. Papa Murphy's

When it comes to best pizza chains, Papa Murphy’s is the top of the fan favorites. The first location came about in the early 1980s in Oregon and through the years has expanded to more than 1,000 locations throughout the United States. They are somewhat unique in that you can build a pizza through the chain and then bring it home to cook yourself. Or you can have it cooked in the store.

Fans of Papa Murphy’s have rated it the highest in terms of brand loyalty and it has won Best Pizza Chain from Zagats for multiple years. They are known for their fresh ingredients and friendly staff, plus you will really get into the crust. There’s a reason Papa Murphy’s is at the top of the list.