Netflix Gets Diddy Documentary After Bidding War

By Shanna Mathews-Mendez | Published

Netflix is in the news just days after a highly incriminating video was released of Diddy kicking, dragging, and shoving his ex-girlfriend in a hotel hallway. Apparently, the streaming giant has won a bidding war for the rights to stream a docuseries that will cover the sexual and abuse allegations that have been chasing Diddy for months. 

The Sean Combs, Diddy Story

The Netflix series must tell the story of how Sean Combs, once known as Puffy, then P. Diddy, now, finally, Diddy, has long been at the center of controversy.

He was the flamboyant producer behind 90’s rapper Christopher Wallace, or Notorious B.I.G. You’d see him in the background of Biggie’s videos with his fur coat, dropping a few lines onto the track.

He came into the limelight as a brilliant producer who worked with other musicians at the time, like Mary J. Blige and Jodeci.  

A Meteoric Rise

To provide necessary context, the Netflix series will also have to show Diddy’s meteoric rise, winning Grammy after Grammy, starting his own record label, Bad Boy Records, and going on tour for his album, which had several hit songs.

It is this fame and success that seems to have led to Diddy’s apparent refusal to differentiate between right and wrong. Worse, he has managed to continually escape real accountability for his actions. 

A String Of Alleged Incidents

Netflix Diddy

As early as 1999, Diddy was in the news for allegedly beating a producer, Steve Stoute, with a champagne bottle. Yes, Netflix must show the chronology of violence and indifference to others’ pain that Diddy has displayed for decades.

In the same year, Diddy was at the center of a club shooting while out with his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. In both cases, the charges were dropped or Diddy was found not guilty, despite multiple eyewitnesses and compelling evidence. 

Making The Band And Other Issues

sean diddy combs 1 Netflix Diddy

Furthermore, Netflix must cover the years Diddy spent belittling hopeful artists on his MTV show Making the Band.

Several contestants on the show have since come out to reveal mistreatment and abuse at the hands of Diddy while on the show.

Since then, he has built an empire that includes his clothing line, Sean John, and his vodka, Ciroc. The man is worth millions of dollars, and his fame and fortune seem to have only escalated his propensity for violence. 

50 Cent On Board

Netflix Diddy

Finally, the Netflix docuseries must close with Diddy’s latest scandals. Last November, Cassandra Ventura, a former girlfriend and Bad Boy artist, filed a lawsuit against the mogul accusing him of ongoing rape and physical abuse that spanned a decade.

Of course, Diddy outright denied the accusations, claiming absolute innocence. Unfortunately for him, hotel video footage corroborates at least part of Ventura’s story. 

And as the producer of the series, Curtis Jackson, or 50 Cent, has said that as more claims come out from an increasing number of women, Netflix will need to add more episodes to the Diddy story. For now, we can expect the 10 episodes to cover issues of raping, drugging, physically abusing, and sex trafficking women over the course of several years. 

Diddy Says He Is Sorry

Netflix Diddy

All we’ve gotten so far from Diddy on the matter, all we ever really get from him in response to his atrocities being brought to light is, “I’m truly sorry.”

By now, we must know that he’s not sorry for what he did. He’s sorry he got caught.

Hopefully, the Netflix docuseries will provide enough depth and breadth to put an end to a long line of brutality. Jackson has announced that the proceeds from the series will go to support victims of rape and assault because, as he says, “somebody’s got to do the right thing.” 

Yes. Indeed. Somebody does.