Taco Bell Is Reviving Its Best Menu Options

Taco Bell's Volcano Menu will be available for a limited time starting June 27.

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

Taco Bell is bringing back its renowned Volcano Menu just in time for summer. Originally introduced in 1995, the menu showcased a selection of the fast food chain’s spiciest offerings. But despite being a fan-favorite, the niche selection was discontinued in 2012. Starting on June 27, folks with the outlet’s mobile rewards app can order the Volcano Burrito or Volcano Taco along with extra-hot Lava Sauce.

Rewards customers will have exclusive access to the Taco Bell Volcano Menu before it becomes available in participating stores on June 29. The only catch is that these food items will only be around for a limited time, the company reports. The Volcano Burrito and Volcano Taco will be priced at $3.99 and $2.49, respectively.

Taco Bell fans have been enthusiastic about the Volcano Menu for years, leading to the launch of a Change.org petition to convince the eatery to bring back spicy items. Although it only managed to earn around 2,000 signatures, the restaurant is known for paying attention to customer requests and chatter online.

A similar petition was responsible for Taco Bell permanently bringing back its famous Mexican Pizza in 2022. CEO Mark King talked about reviving the popular meal at the time, saying, “Our menu is full of fan favorites, but the Mexican Pizza is at the top of that list. From its flashy introduction to menus in 1985 to its inspiration behind the creation of jingles, Mexican Pizza has a long history with the brand.”

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Taco Bell has also declared its mission to “liberate” the widely recognized “Taco Tuesday” trademark, which is currently held by one of its competitors. Taco John’s has exclusively used this catchy phrase in its marketing campaigns for decades. But now, Taco Bell is determined to challenge the existing trademark.

With a proactive approach, Taco Bell intends to petition the United States Trademark Office to reconsider and revoke the exclusivity, allowing the general public unrestricted usage of the iconic expression without the looming threat of legal consequences. As part of its recent initiative, the fast-food chain released the official filing submitted to the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

The document conveys the sentiment shared by many, stating that Tacos and Tuesdays are a natural combination that resonates with people universally. The simple phrase exudes a sense of fun and brings people together, infusing their lives with joy on an otherwise unremarkable day of the week. The filing also notes that it’s disappointing that some entities have owned the trademark since 1989.

Taco Bell does not want to trademark the phrase for itself, either. Instead, the eatery wants to ensure that it can be legally used by other restaurants nationwide. The fast-food chain even launched a petition so fans could support the initiative. It has earned over 1,600 signatures to date.

Additionally, the chain isn’t seeking any monetary damages. It wants permission to use “Taco Tuesday” as part of its marketing efforts. “If one of us is not free to celebrate Taco Tuesday, then none of us are free to celebrate Taco Tuesday. A win for Taco Bell here is a win for all. When tacos win, we all win,” the lawsuit says.