Fan Favorite Popeyes Sandwich Is Coming Back Permanently

Popeyes debuted its Blackened Chicken sandwich to fans delight, and it's making a permanent menu comeback.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

Like many horrifying military conflicts, the chicken sandwich wars have brought about endless innovations in science and technology. Much like the Cold War serving as the impetus of the international space race which put the first man on the moon in 1969, the chicken sandwich conflict of 2019-2022 has given rise to a variety of delicious new menu items in fast food chains across the world. According to a recent write-up in, Popeyes Blackened Chicken sandwich is returning to the menu in a permanent capacity, as early as this coming week.

Popeyes Blackened Chicken sandwich first hit the market as a limited-time promotion back in November of 2022, instantly garnering a host of attention due to its distinct flavor profile. The chicken in question has been marinated in a special mix of spices and seasonings, referred to as Popeyes blackened blend, and served on a toasted brioche bun with crisp pickles. In its limited run, the sandwich was offered in both original and spicy options at a price point of only $4.99.

In an exciting turn of events, Popeyes has not only returned the Blackened Chicken sandwich to the menu, but also an option to add cheese and/or bacon to any sandwich for an up-charge of $1.50 per upgrade. The fried chicken brand has long served as a leading innovator in the world of fast food, with the chain’s President of North American operations, Sami Siddiqui, stating candidly that he expects a number of copycat sandwiches to flood the market in response to the Blackened Chicken’s triumphant return.

The Popeyes Blackened Chicken sandwich is, of course, the latest and greatest new innovation brought about by the chicken sandwich wars, which the Louisiana chain kicked off back in 2019. The wars, dangerous as they were, served as a bold marketing strategy. It skyrocketed the sale of chicken sandwiches at multiple fast food and sit-down restaurant chains across the country for weeks on end, resulting in a whopping 420 percent increase in sales at a number of surveyed stores.

Popeyes other popular menu item: chicken wings

Many fast food enthusiasts may recall a period of months at a time when franchises such as Popeyes, Chic-Fil-A, and even Mcdonald’s were frequently mired by drive-through lines around the block, often selling out of their chicken sandwich stock entirely within hours of opening for the day.

Though the armed conflict likely led to a series of employee walkouts and mental health crisis’ for the workers on the front lines, the lasting impact of the wars gave the general public such gems as the Popeyes Blackened Chicken sandwich, which will surely be remembered as the Neil Armstrong of its day.

Decades from now, when the remaining Gen Z population has reached their middle age, they may find themselves sitting on a serene rocking chair, bouncing their grandchildren on one knee, and recounting tales of the Covid-19 pandemic, the excitement of seeing the Avengers collide together on the screen in Infinity War, and the tumultuous rise of the Popeyes Blackened Chicken sandwich.