Grand Theft Auto’s Best Location Just Opened A Store In Real-Life

By Jason Collins | Published

grand theft auto

Video games have inspired some real-life things, like Med-Packs containing gels and foams that instantly close up wounds and stop internal bleeding — though we still haven’t gotten to the “walk over it” part — and Heads-Up Displays that would provide troops with real-time updates of the battlefield. Now, a real-life Cluckin’ Bell opened up at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, built as an immersive experience offering some of Grand Theft Auto’s most iconic foods.

According to a report by, a real-like Cluckin’ Bell, Grand Theft Auto’s parody of real-life food chains, popped up at San Diego during Comic-Con 2022 as an immersive experience for the fans of the franchise, and a 4-day art performance — which unfortunately already came to an end. The employees of Cluckin’ Bell also had unique uniforms, as seen in the video game series, as well as a printed-out menu and a sitting area in which you could enjoy your Little Clucker and Farmer’s Surprise meals. You can see some shots below.

The entire Grand Theft Auto restaurant was an incredibly accurate replica of the one seen in the gaming series, featuring employees in chicken hats, yellow uniforms, and the iconic “Taste the cock” slogan. The establishment sold Sprunk, which is an obvious parody of Sprite, and items on the menu reflected those seen in the games, including Cluckin’ Huge, Wing Piece, Hot Cock, Chicken Sink, Little Pecker, 6i9 Cock, and the aforementioned meals, Little Clucker and Farmer’s Surprise.

There was also a poster on the wall that reminded employees to deny service to Trevor Phillips (one of three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto 5), followed by a “Refusal of Service” sign that notified other customers of Trevor’s numerous transgressions against the restaurant staff. This includes throwing grenades at employees, hijacking customers’ vehicles, vandalism, and dine-and-dash. It also warned the customers that if they were ever to see Trevor on restaurant premises, they should notify Cluckin’ Bell staff or call the Los Santos Police Department.

The entire Cluckin’ Bell event was run by BoyWorldWide, and shared all over social media, with the team cooking chicken and serving it in a fictional restaurant. Of course, the team fully embraced their roles as employees in GTA’s consumerist parody of Taco Bell, Chick-A-Fill, Popeyes, and KFC and offered a whole slew of unhealthy but fun food to the fans and customers. It’s still unknown whether this pop-up was affiliated with Rockstar Games or not, but the performance really took cosplaying to a whole different level.

Cluckin’ Bell restaurant first appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and re-appeared in GTA 4 and the recently updated GTA 5 as a fast-food chain founded by Charles K. Bell — dubbed “The King of Cock” — whose management left employees unhappy and outright rude to the in-game customers. You can actually hear the NPC wishing that the customers would choke on their food, though it was carefully concealed in a play of words. The real life-service was undoubtedly better, or at least we hope it was. Hopefully, we’ll see the restaurant once again next year.