Fast Food Eating Records That Will Never Be Broken

By Doug Norrie | Published

When it comes to fast food restaurants and chain visits, most folks are looking to get the most food for the least amount of money. That much is obvious. Heck, it’s kind of why these places exist and continue to thrive.

There are some pretty crazy fast food records sitting out there right now. These aren’t going to be ones to try at home. Leave these to the professional eaters out there for your own health and safety.

Chicken McNuggets – 19 In 60 Seconds

Leah Shutkever holds this fast food record and it’s unlikely to be broken anytime soon (and we hope never). In exactly a minute, Shutkever put away 19 Chicken McNuggets which still stands as the most in this short a period of time.

Of course, that’s one short of the 20-piece the Golden Arches sells so it stands to reason that someone is going to come after that nice round number.

Whether it’s possible remains to be seen. This record doesn’t include any dipping sauces, so it isn’t exactly the “authentic” eating experience from this fast food palace. But with these records, it’s anything but normal where the eating is concerned.

Shutkever is something of a McNugget “expert” as well and she holds other records like the most eaten in three minutes, powering down  775.1 grams worth in 2020.

French Fries – 25 Pounds In 10 Minutes

Joey Chestnut is the Michael Jordan of competitive eating, routinely winning the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4th every year. But the dude doesn’t just confine his mouth or stomach to the ballpark franks. He can eat just about everything.

And from that perspective, he has the record for eating french fries that might be tough to top. He downed 25 pounds of poutine in just 10 minutes. The fries were soaked in gravy and he ate a small child’s worth in no time at all.

32,672 Big Macs In A Lifetime

fast food

Looking for a fast food lifetime achievement award? Donald A. Gorske has that down with his Big Mac record that feels impossible to ever be broken.

Frankly, it’s amazing he even got to this number. The dude has eaten a reported 32,672 Big Macs over his 69 years on this earth. 

The Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed this feat and he says Big Macs make up basically everything he eats in a given day. Living seven decades on just this diet is a feat in and amongst itself and it stands to reason no one will come for this fast food record. 

69 Fast Food Locations In 24 Hours

fast food

In 2022, Nick DiGiovanni and Lynn Davis set the record for most fast-food restaurants visited in 24 hours. They did it throughout New York City, going to 69 different establishments. 

And it wasn’t good enough to just set foot in the place and then turn back around. They had to actually buy something and have someone consume it (food and drink in each place). The slight catch here is that they didn’t have to be the ones actually eating the food. 

They bought meals for people waiting on line or homeless people in need of some help. There was some strategizing that went into this and they didn’t even use all of the 24 hours.

Of all the records, this one might have a chance to topple, though it’s hard to imagine tons of folks supremely motivated to do so.