McDonald’s Trendy New Restaurant Is Doing Unbelievably Well

By April Ryder | Published

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McDonald’s new beverage-centered pull-up spot CosMc’s is stirring up a whole lot of business with the younger folks. According to early estimates, CosMc’s one location (which first opened in December of last year) has already pulled in double the number of visits of a typical McDonald’s store in its first month and a half of operation. 

CosMc’s Is A Speciality Drink Cafe

Serving as a specialty drink cafe, McDonald’s is stepping away from burgers and fries with its new chain CosMc’s. CosMc’s features drinks such as the Churro Frappe, the S’mores Cold Brew, the Turmeric Spiced Latte, and a Popping Pear Slush. 

McDonald’s For The Next Generation

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The service setup at McDonald’s new CosMc’s is also aimed towards pleasing the younger generation. The cafe serves up its specialties through a quick and contactless drive-thru-only setup. 

McDonald’s new business venture, CosMc’s, is better in regards to space as well. CosMc’s only takes up about half the real estate as a typical McDonald’s restaurant, and the giant corporation hopes to have another nine locations opened up before the end of this year. 

Only One Location So Far

For now, only the folks in Bolingbrook, Illinois can explore and enjoy the new cafe-style operation, but business is looking good. McDonald’s first CosMc’s location utilized a traffic report from (an AI program that uses location data from mobile devices to track visitors to the spot) to see that the new location was booming with business. 

An Overwhelming Success

In fact, CosMc’s saw more business than they could handle in the first month of operation with the drive-thru lines constantly being backed up. They even had to use other nearby parking lots to handle traffic overflow at times.  

If you consider the overflow, it means that McDonald’s CosMc’s could have brought in an even bigger paycheck last month if their crew was physically able to serve more customers. The customers were there, and the traffic report also showed that CosMc’s main audience lies between the ages of 22 and 29. 

Smaller And More Effecient

The numbers are positive if you look at the efficiency of the use of space as well. An average McDonald’s takes up around 4,500 square feet, while CosMc’s only takes up around 2,500 square feet. A smaller footprint means the location is turning triple the number of visits per square foot than the average McDonald’s. 

Named After A Forgotten Mascot

If you’re wondering about the name of McDonald’s new CosMc’s, it may be familiar to some of the more distinguished burger lovers out there. The name of the new cafe-inspired spot comes from a little-known 1980s McDonald’s character by the same name. He was part alien, part surfer, and part robot. 

The character was once featured in a series of McDonald’s commercials and even made a small appearance in the McDonald’s video game, M.C. Kids. CosMc now serves as the mascot of the new cafe. 

Its parent restaurant, McDonald’s, currently operates out of 41,000 locations around the world and hopes to hit a target of 50,000 locations by the year 2027. After nearly 70 years in the business, those numbers are not too shabby.