McDonald’s Anime Restaurant Happening

By Charlene Badasie | Published

Starting Monday, February 26, McDonald’s will explore the world of anime by embracing its alter ego, WcDonald’s, at select restaurants for a limited time. The name is a thinly veiled reference to the 1981 manga and anime series Cat’s Eyes. It incorporated the fast-food giant into its stories while avoiding copyright infringement by altering the eatery’s name.

WcDonald’s Is A Common Sight In Anime

WcDonald’s has also been featured in anime series such as Serial Experiments Lain, InuYasha, Sonic X, and Assassination Classroom. This unique version of McDonald’s will debut to anime fans in Los Angeles before making its way to 30 markets globally. The most striking feature of WcDonald’s is not only its name but the introduction of a special sauce, manga-inspired packaging, and episodic anime shorts.

The Official McDonald’s Anime

McDonald’s has also partnered with the animation house Studio Pierrot to produce the first official WcDonald’s anime series. Every episode will be accompanied by a new manga release, with the first installment premiering on February 26. Subsequent releases will be available every Monday until March 18.

Scan QR Codes

Fans can access the McDonald’s anime episodes and manga through or by scanning the QR code on the specially designed food packaging. The shorts promise an exciting blend of adventure, romance, and mystery. The adventure begins with The Race to WcDonald’s, in which two heroes take an epic trip to the eatery.

Four McDonald Anime Shorts

The McDonald’s anime Love from Across the Booth debuts on March 4. The story sees two customers discover that the WcDonald’s Sauce and WcNuggets aren’t the only perfect pairing. WcNuggets Space Frontier 3000, available on March 11, follows a team of WcDonald’s pilots who must protect the last WcNugget from an evil force.

Runs Until March 10

The final McDonald’s anime episode on March 18, The Wisdom of the Sauce, follows three women who are transported to a distant land to solve a mystery surrounding the elusive sauce before it disappears forever. The grand finale of this spectacular celebration is the WcDonald’s Immersive Dining Experience, a two-day event that takes place from March 9 to 10.

An Interactive Anime Dining Experience

The McDonald’s anime collaboration also promises a “multi-sensory dining experience with a genre-bending fusion of entertainment and food.” Guests will be treated to a set menu inspired by WcDonald’s items while being transported into the WcDonald’s universe through 360 projection mapping and immersive tabletop projections inspired by the four new anime shorts.

Reservations for this exclusive opportunity open on February 28 through the OpenTable app or by searching for “WcDonald’s Immersive Dining Experience.” Fans of McDonald’s and anime won’t want to miss the chance to indulge in this unique blend experience brought to life by the iconic Golden Arches restaurant.

A History Of Wild Theme Promotions

The McDonald’s anime concept follows previous themed promotions, such as the limited-time Snoop Dogg version of select stores. The eatery also teamed up with visual artists and Colombian musician Camilo to celebrate Latinx culture at locations across the U.S. in 2023 with its Ritmo y Color promotion. The event featured artwork from Hispanic visual artists displayed at McDonald’s restaurants in New York, San Antonio, Dallas, Chicago, San Jose, and Miami.