Best Gas Station Food For Your Next Long Road Trip

By Doug Norrie | Published

Best Gas Station Food

Whether it’s a longer road trip or just a quick stop in for a bite, there is some gas station food to hit the spot no matter the situation. Here we have the best options spread throughout the United States.

Let’s take a look at the best gas station food options going right now. Stop in at one of these next time you are hitting the road.


Speedway doesn’t do as robust a gas station food selection as some of the others on this list, but they still have solid options for those on the go. The Speedy Cafe is where you’ll find the menu offerings and there are some to satisfy the hunger when stopping in for a quick break.

They have a breakfast panini with tater tots, pulled pork sandwiches, and both full pizzas and slices for reasonable prices.

Pilot Flying J

There are about 800 Pilot Flying J locations in the United States and they do all manner of food for those out on a road trip. They actually have full meals for a longer rest which include chicken and mashed potatoes as well as meatloaf, and pot roast. But there’s quicker grab-and-go items like sandwiches, wraps, chicken fingers and much more.

Pilot Flying J does cater a bit more to a gas station experience that doesn’t have you hitting the road right away. They want you to hang a bit.


QuikTrip has been in growth mode over the years and is pushing towards 1,000 locations. They primarily operate in the South with locations in Texas, Arizona, and Georgia making up their biggest footprint.

QT Kitchens does a number of different made-to-order items on the menu with subs, grilled cheese, wraps, and even Mac & cheese bowls. Plus, you can just pick up a hot pretzel on the go as well. The highlight might be the BBQ sandwiches which feature pulled pork, brisket, and chicken.


It was a bit tough picking between the top two gas station chains for their food here because both do it really, really well. But Wawa comes in second by small margin. 

Wawa has more than 1,000 locations branching out of South Jersey into Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and all the way to down to Florida. 

They do hoagies right and the made-to-order system will have you getting your favorite sandwich in no time. Hoagiefest is their main branding, but the gas station chain also does salads and breakfast as well.


Sheetz has close to 700 locations spread throughout the East Coast, ranging from Pennsylvania and Ohio all the way down to North Carolina. They have made-to-order food throughout their touch screen process and plenty of options to fit basically any craving.

Breakfast can include the Walker Breakfast Ranger or Fried Bacon And Egg Sammich. Plus, for lunch and dinner there are nearly limitless options with Sheetz pizza, BLT Hot Dog, True MTO Burger, Boss Bacon Sandwich, or Sheetz Meltz being some of the more popular items.

Sheetz is a go-to in many towns and offers about as good a road trip stop-off as you’ll find anywhere. There’s a reason this tops the list of best gas station food for sure.