Best Frozen Pizzas, Ranked

By Doug Norrie | Published

Best Frozen Pizzas

While some might default to ordering a pie for pickup or delivery, sometimes it’s just easier to pop one in the oven, set the timer, and enjoy a pizza without having to call or talk to anyone. That’s where the best frozen pizza options come into play and we’ve decided to rank the best out there.

Like our looks at the best coffee chains, ice cream chains, and even burgers, we will go through the best frozen pizzas out there when deciding to make an easy meal.

6. Amy's Pizza

If you are looking for solid vegetarian and organic frozen pizza options, then Amy’s Kitchen is an excellent place to start. The thin crust pizzas come with some solid, and pretty unique toppings like Pesto, Roasted Vegetable, and even Spinach & Feta, likely appealing to a more “upscale” frozen pizza crowd. 

5. Newman's Own:

While Newman’s Own might be better known for some of their other products like the salad dressings, it’s worth it to note that they do a pretty mean frozen pizza as well. This option is a bit on the healthier side than some of the other frozen pies out there and they have a commitment to quality, brand-wide, that makes it a trustworthy option. They have organic and all-natural options, and the taste matches up with some of the best in the business.

4. Red Baron's

Red Baron has that combination of price and affordability you like to see when ranking the best frozen pizza options out there. They have Classic Crust, Brick Oven, or Thin & Crispy option among others with all of the traditional toppings as well. It’s not too greasy and there is a crispiness with these that rivals anything else on the list.

3. California Pizza Kitchen:

Specializing and marketing themselves as having more gourmet frozen pizza options, California Pizza Kitchen takes a cue from their restaurant franchise. Unlike like others on the frozen pizza list, CPK has physical locations to grab a pie, or you can head to the frozen aisle to take some home in the cart. They have the traditional pizza options, but also toss in stuff like BBQ Chicken and Thai-style Chicken for the adventurous.

2. DiGiorno

It’s not delivery, it’s this frozen pizza option. DiGiorno has had some great marketing over the years, sticking in the buyer’s headspace with the reminder that their frozen pizza options might rival that which you can get at the local place. It’s not exactly true, but the gambit has been worth it. They are about as well-known as anything you will find in this space and have a unique style that keeps fans coming back.

1. Tombstone:

Tombstone has been around for more than 60 years, delivering a reliable and tasty frozen pizza over that run. From a household name perspective, they are about as well-known as it comes and their Four Cheese pizza is about as good as it gets in the industry. The packaging is distinctive, but so is the taste. And it won’t break the bank compared to some of the other frozen pizza options out there. It’s easy to see why it tops the list.