Grimace Shake Turns Into Social Media Nightmare Videos

McDoanld's Grimace shake has inspired a social media trend of bizarre and dark videos.

By Jessica Goudreault | Updated

These days, nothing is safe from becoming a crazy TikTok trend, not even the new Grimace shake from McDonald’s. The berry-flavored milkshake was introduced earlier this month to honor the long-time mascot’s birthday (June 12), but it has quickly become a social media sensation. According to Forbes, Gen Zers are sharing TikTok videos of themselves sipping on a Grimace shake before suffering ridiculous (and frightening) consequences.

One TikTok video shows a young man trying the Grimace shake before the camera immediately cuts to him floating face down along a river. Another video shows a man trying a sip of the purple shake, then cuts to him lying on the ground with his shirt off, covered in the remains of the shake.

A longer video shows TikTok user @haleyybaylee sipping on a Grimace shake with her boyfriend. Moments later, she gets a purple nosebleed and appears to become possessed, crawling on the walls right above her boyfriend’s head. The video ends with Haley covered in purple goo, looking like an evil Grimace as she lets out a demonic scream.

TikToker @thefrazmaz started the Grimace shake trend on June 13 when he shared a video of himself sipping the purple shake before falling to the ground in his kitchen, milkshake oozing from his mouth. He simply captioned the TikTok video “R.I.P. Grimace (and me)” and used the song Daylight by David Kushner for background music. The video has since gone on to receive over 2 million views, 339,000 likes, and inspired many others to create their own twisted takes on the Grimace shake trend.

@thefrazmaz R.I.P Grimace (and me) #mcdonalds #grimace #milkshake #grimaceshake #birthday #fakedeath #yummy ♬ Daylight

For those wondering why on earth people are pretending to die or get possessed by the Grimace shake, @thefrazmaz suggests it’s because of the unnatural color of the shake. By drinking something that’s the color purple, it implies that you are being poisoned by the food, similar to when other Gen Zers pretended to die from eating the unnatural Spider-Verse Whopper from Burger King. Obviously, the Grimace shake is perfectly fine to drink, unless you are lactose intolerant.

Ever since Grimace was first introduced as a McDonald’s mascot back in 1972, he has always been a loveable character, which makes this new trend that much more hilarious. The big purple guy has always stood out amongst the other McDonald’s mascot crew members, like Ronald McDonald, Birdie the Early Bird, and the Hamburglar. Supposedly, Grimace is supposed to be a giant taste bud… but that’s what you get when mascots are brainstormed in the 70’s.

It’s hard to say if the Grimace shake trend is bringing in more business for McDonald’s, or if it’s scaring customers away with its potential for death and demonic possession. Either way, it’s just refreshing to see that the McDonald’s shake machines are actually working for once.

If you want to get your hands on a Grimace shake, then you have until the end of June to give it a try. But if you start frothing from the mouth or climbing up the walls, please don’t blame us.