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paul dano the batman

Paul Dano Filmed An Absurd Amount Of Takes For One Scene In The Batman

You can always count on Paul Dano to bring an incredible performance to the table no matter what role he …

6 months ago

superhero franchise

Ranking Every Superhero Franchise’s Most Powerful Character

Fans have been arguing about who the most powerful superhero is since the invention of comic books. It’s such a …

6 months ago

DC Comics Creator Takes Entire Series And Makes It Public Domain

Wanna hear something totally punk rock? SlashFilm reports that Bill Willingham, the creator of the comic book series Fables, has …

6 months ago

Aquaman 2 Actually Looks Amazing? 

It’s an open secret that the past few years of DC movies have given us some disappointing box office bombs …

6 months ago

The Flash Movie On Streaming You Should Actually Watch

The 2013 direct-to-video animated superhero film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is currently streaming on Max. The film is based on the …

6 months ago

aquaman 2 amber heard

Amber Heard Confirmed To Be Cut Out Of Aquaman 2?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has experienced several challenges leading to its release. However, Amber Heard and the bad press surrounding …

6 months ago

Megan Fox

The Worst DC Superhero Movie Is Now One Of Streaming’s Most Popular

Four years before Josh Brolin made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), the …

6 months ago

Everyone Already Hates Aquaman 2, Even The Director

With all of the other drama going on at DC—not to mention Warner Bros. as a whole—it’s easy to forget …

6 months ago

batman villain

Batman’s Best Villain Isn’t Joker, Here’s Why

Batman’s rogues gallery is the stuff of comic book legend—even if most people can’t see past that one clown with …

6 months ago

amber heard aquaman

Amber Heard Missing From Aquaman 2 Trailer, Deleted From Movie?

The new Aquaman 2 teaser trailer was released this weekend, and fans can’t help but notice that Amber Heard is …

6 months ago

fastest superhero

Who Is The Fastest Superhero? Flash, Quicksilver, A-Train, Makkari?

Speedsters have always been a fascinating part of the superhero world. In the comics, A-Train, Flash, Quicksilver, and Makkari have …

6 months ago

books of magic

The Next Big DC Superhero Movie Being Deleted From WB Servers, Will Never Be Released?

Fans have been questioning the fate of Aquaman 2 for months as the studio fails to promote the film before its December …

6 months ago

robert pattinson

Equalizer Director Making A Batman Movie?

Acclaimed action director Antoine Fuqua, best known for his work on films such as Olympus Has Fallen, Training Day, and …

6 months ago

justice league

We’re Getting More Justice League Movies

According to inside sources, Warner Bros is apparently developing a new trilogy of animated Justice League films for their streaming …

6 months ago

superman: legacy

James Gunn Gives Disappointing Superman: Legacy Update

James Gunn recently told a user on Instagram that he is not even slightly close to being able to share …

6 months ago

amber heard johnny depp

See The Major Amber Heard Change DC Made For Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

Last year, Amber Heard went head to head with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, in the defamation suit seen around the …

6 months ago

dwayne johnson the rock black adam

The Dwayne Johnson Action Failure Finding Life On Streaming

Black Adam may have been a financial miss for Dwayne Johnson, but we live in the age of streaming, where …

6 months ago

DC’s New Superman Inspired By Taylor Swift

Superman: The Harvests of Youth, the upcoming graphic novel by Sina Grace, was inspired by a Taylor Swift album. The …

6 months ago

The Flash 2: Ezra Miller’s Future As Barry Allen

After years in development, going through multiple directors, stars, and scripts, The Flash finally made it to the big screen. …

6 months ago


See The Change The Batman Part II Is Making To Fix Robert Pattinson

With DC Studios kicking itself into overdrive following a lackluster year that’s seen box office flop after box office flop, …

6 months ago

michael keaton

James Gunn Deleting Social Media Accounts Because Of Horrible Batman Takes

Opinions about anything can become a double-edged sword for celebrities. This is especially true for James Gunn, the co-CEO of …

6 months ago

the flash 2

Ezra Miller Needed CGI For Awkward Body Part In The Flash

DC might want to change the Flash’s nickname to The Flattest Man Alive. An X (formerly known as Twitter) account, …

6 months ago

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie Is On Pace To Blow Away DC And Marvel

Taylor Swift is taking over the world. It’s been a record-breaking year for the “Anti-Hero” singer, but she isn’t even …

6 months ago

DC Loses Shocking Amount Of Money From Its Terrible Movies

DC needs a hero to save it from its most dastardly villain, its archnemesis, the one hellbent on ruining the …

6 months ago

The Flash Finally Finds An Audience Now That It’s Streaming

When Andrés Muschietti’s The Flash first premiered back in June, the film failed to garner the necessary fanship required to …

6 months ago

My Adventures With Superman

DC Superman Series Changes Lois Lane’s Race

Per a post on X (formerly Twitter) from series writer and producer Josie Campbell, Lois Lane is officially a Korean-American …

6 months ago

suicide squad

James Gunn’s Suicide Squad Would Be Better As A Series

In spite of being one of the heads of DC Studios — except for upcoming spinoffs like Peacemaker Season 2 …

6 months ago

christian bale star wars

The Greatest Superhero Trilogy Ever Is Returning To Theaters

With Christopher Nolan burning up the box office with his latest mega-feature, Oppenheimer, there’s never been a better time for …

6 months ago


The Smartest DC Characters, Ranked

When it comes to intelligent characters, DC has more than its fair share. But not all eggheads are created equally, …

6 months ago

cillian murphy

Batman Could Only Ever Be Replaced By This DC Hero

Over the years, Batman has built a team of helpers and field agents affectionally known as the “Bat Family” to …

6 months ago