Hogwarts Legacy Made A Tiny Change That Fans Are Loving

Hogwarts Legacy finally updated the portrait of Wendelin the Weird to animate the image of the burning witch.

By Jason Collins | Published

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The latest Hogwarts Legacy update brought more than 500 changes and bug fixes to the game, including a feature that allows gamers to get rid of a terrifying creature. The game that made more money than Ant-Man 3 also added plenty of other stuff for gamers to enjoy. One particular addition is the animation for Wendelin the Weird portrait on Hogwarts castle.

According to the Reddit post, Hogwarts Legacy’s latest update added animation for the Wendelin portrait, which is newsworthy because the portrait was previously immobile. Anyone familiar with the Harry Potter universe knows that pictures and portraits have a life of their own, and those around them can still verbally interact with individuals in the picture.

The similar applies to the game—most portraits in the game move and are animated in some way, but Wendelin’s wasn’t, and it certainly didn’t go unnoticed by the fandom.

Well, that changed now, and the majority of Hogwarts Legacy fans are happy with the change. The rest of the fandom hasn’t even noticed that the portrait wasn’t animated or simply didn’t give it too much thought. Whatever the case may be, Wendelin the Weird is now depicted as being tied to a burning stake, supposedly screaming in agony as the flames strip away the wickedness and witchcraft away off this world.

At least, that’s what Medieval Muggles (non-magic people) believed was happening.

The truth, as described in the book and the film, is actually quite different. The portrait of Wendelin the Weird in Hogwarts Legacy has peculiar blue flames fanning around the Witch—a result of a very basic Flame Freezing Charm. According to Hogwarts professor Bathilda Bagshot, Medieval Muggles were particularly afraid of magic, but they weren’t very good at recognizing it.

So, when they managed to capture a wizard or a witch, the captives would simply perform the Flame Freezing Charm and pretend to scream in relentless agony while enjoying a gentle, tickling sensation.

Wendelin the Weird earned her nickname from enjoying being burned at stake so much that she allowed herself to be caught no less the forty-seven times. So, it’s a fitting nickname. And now, her portrayal in Hogwarts Legacy finally has an animation that matches this particular piece of the Wizarding World’s history.

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An entirely negligible update to the game, at least from the performance standpoint, but a very appreciated one, nonetheless. It only goes to show that Avalanche software is actually working on maintaining the game.

There are plenty of things worth discovering in Hogwarts Legacy, even after playing for 140 hours, but the game still lacks a key Harry Potter element. Quidditch most likely won’t even make it to the game since Avalanche announced that Hogwarts Legacy wouldn’t get a DLC, but Warner Bros. has another multiplayer Quidditch game in development for those who would like to fly around on a broomstick while chasing a Golden Snitch. For those that want a change of scenery, Elden Ring offers a mod for people who are still boycotting Hogwarts Legacy.