Harry Potter Game Features Multiplayer Quidditch

WB Games is releasing Harry Potter: Quidditch Champion, a multiplayer game focusing on the Wizard World sport.

By Jason Collins | Published

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Warner Bros Games just announced a new Harry Potter game centered on Quidditch. While the 2023’s Hogwarts Legacy is on its way to becoming a Game of the Year nominee, offering enough interesting aspects even after 140 hours of playing, the game is missing a key Harry Potter element. The fans weren’t really happy about the lack of Quidditch in the new game and demanded that WB fixes the matter. However, the company stated that the game would have no DLC, and now we know why.

Yesterday, WB Games announced their new game, titled Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, via Twitter—calling gamers to join the official playtests. Quidditch Champions is being developed by Unbroken Studios as a fast-paced competitive multiplayer game centered on one of the favorite pastimes of many wizards and witches in the Harry Potter universe. The game will address the lack of Quidditch in the most recent—and by far the most successful—Harry Potter game, which notably lacked this particular element from the game.

According to the game’s FAQ, Quidditch Champions is solely centered on the Quidditch experience in a multiplayer setting. The game’s developers and publishers have drawn some loose connections to Hogwarts Legacy that might be of interest to the Harry Potter player base. While not much is known about the game at this point, WB stated that the game would feature a character creation mode much like the February-launched best-seller. Additionally, the new game will remain true to the Harry Potter author’s vision, but the game hasn’t been written by J.K. Rowling.

As such, the upcoming Harry Potter Quidditch game isn’t actually an adaptation of the books or films but rather a standalone Quidditch experience based on what is previously known about the sport. For those in the dark, the company actually had to make such disclaimers because of the controversies associated with its author, J.K. Rowling, over various disagreements with trans activists. In fact, longtime Harry Potter fans actually swore off buying and playing Hogwarts Legacy due to the author’s views on gender identity and the activism that’s associated with it.

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This led to activists trying to boycott Hogwarts Legacy and impact its sales numbers in an attempt to financially harm the Harry Potter author, but their attempts have proven unsuccessful thus far. Hogwarts Legacy sales numbers exceeded those of Elden Ring for the same timeframe, and the game sold well above WB Games’ expectations, and the game is a real contender for the Game of the Year award. So, it’s actually quite reasonable as to why WB is trying to further exploit the IP, like the upcoming live-action book adaptation series coming to HBO.

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is currently calling players to participate in limited playtests starting April 21-22. Unfortunately, there aren’t any other details regarding the game at this point besides what we already mentioned. Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions will be published under Warner’s Portkey Games label, but the game still doesn’t have a release date or a release window—the release platforms are PC and modern home consoles.