Hogwarts Legacy Will Have No DLC?

Hogwarts Legacy director Andrew Tew stated that there is "no plan" for DLC currently.

By Jason Collins | Published

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After a crushing delay and an apologetic launch of one of the most anticipated Harry Potter games ever, Hogwarts Legacy developer, Avalanche Software, announced that the studio didn’t plan on making any downloadable content for the game in the foreseeable future. The news is truly disheartening to the fans of the Wizarding World RPG. However, the lack of plans to make a DLC doesn’t mean that one won’t be produced in the future.

Hogwarts Legacy game director Alen Tew told IGN that Avalanche Software was so busy preparing for the launch of Hogwarts Legacy that the team hasn’t yet planned on releasing any DLCs, let alone a full-fledged expansion—the latter is typically bigger than a DLC, despite the terms being used interchangeably. Of course, he didn’t negate the possibility of such content being released in the future, but considering that he also didn’t confirm anything, it means that any potential DLC is perhaps months or even a whole year away, if it even drops at all.

Tew’s statement regarding the Hogwarts Legacy’s lack of DLC doesn’t imply a lack of ongoing support for the title. In fact, Avalanche Software has already released a patch for the game that includes several content updates (read: corrections) and several performance improvements to the game. The game has also received a PlayStation-exclusive quest that takes place in Hogsmeade, but apart from that, no extra content was provided or planned—which coincides with Tew’s statement to IGN.

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With everything said, and taking the previous controversies and boycotts of the game, Hogwarts Legacy had one of the biggest early access launches in Steam history for a paid, single-player game, with nearly 500,000 concurrent players. The game pushed Fallout 4 to third place, and it’s currently trailing behind Cyberpunk 2077, which, despite a rocky launch, was able to achieve a record-breaking concurrent player count of more than 1 million players. And these numbers only include players that have gained early access to Hogwarts Legacy by purchasing a Deluxe Edition of the game.

Not only that, but it also became the most viewed game on Twitch, with nearly 1.3 million concurrent viewers watching the game’s streams. This fantastic performance comes as no surprise but as a testament to the excitement that surrounded the titles during pre-release, which only grew further following the game’s positive critical reception. But the development cycle wasn’t without controversy, mostly tied to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling over her anti-transgender views and massive calls for boycotting the game due to massive controversies.

Well, Hogwarts Legacy even has its own transgender non-player character, and the game’s character creation mode also grants plays the option to create a transgender character as their in-game avatar. There are those who claim that the sole reason for including transgender characters in Hogwarts Legacy was a means of subduing the controversy and putting it under control. Of course, this is all hearsay.

Whatever the case may be, Hogwarts Legacy turned out the be a fantastic gaming release that has exceeded the fandom’s expectations. If only there was a DLC in the making.