Hogwarts Legacy Seems To Be Missing A Key Harry Potter Element That Fans Expected

Hogwarts Legacy is missing gameplay of Quidditch, the famous wizarding sport from the Harry Potter books and movies.

By Jason Collins | Updated

Hogwarts Legacy quidditch

The massive open world and epic narrative game of Hogwarts Legacy should keep the fandom entertained for quite some time, despite the fact that the game won’t receive any DLC any time soon—if the game’s developers are to be believed. Yet, despite its massive world, some elements appear to be missing from the game; either they’re purposefully left out, or they were cut out while chasing release deadlines. Hogwarts Legacy is missing Quidditch, a popular sport played by wizards and witches.

According to Kotaku, Hogwarts Legacy lacks Quidditch, and despite the game’s massive scope, Hogwarts Legacy is poorer for it. The game already has towering Quidditch stands outside the main castle grounds, in which you can ride your broomstick or recreate scenes from your favorite franchise. But you can’t play Quidditch since the iconic sport isn’t included in the game. So, why is there an entire Quidditch pitch, broom upgrades throughout the game, and NPC chatter regarding this popular in-universe sport, but there’s no sport itself?

Well, the in-game lore provides a reason for the sport’s omission from the game. However, it feels like a last-minute addition to the game’s narrative. Of course, this effectively backs up any speculations about Quidditch being a part of the Hogwarts Legacy game, which was cut out for undisclosed reasons. As per the Hogwarts Legacy narrative, the Quidditch season is canceled due to an injury that happened during the last spring’s finals. Of course, this didn’t sit well with the Hogwarts students, nor with the audiences.

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However, we’re more interested in the technical reasons why there’s no Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch in the game. It’s entirely possible that developers planned to include the sport within the game but decided against it in later stages of development. Reasons for that could be many, including technical difficulties in developing fast-paced sports that are played on flying broomsticks, the lack of time to properly implement the sports within the Hogwarts Legacy game, or both. It was already delayed, so time constraints could’ve been a major factor.

The only thing vaguely similar to Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch is the time-trial broomstick race, similar to the current dragon races in World of Warcraft’s newest expansion. And that’s about it. Interestingly enough, players aren’t the only ones sad about the lack of Quidditch—NPCs are disheartened too. You can hear other students discussing the sport in background conversations and several other clues that make the absence of Quidditch so much more tangible. But why would the developer go through all the trouble of making those Quidditch references?

And the one-word answer is DLC. Yes, we’re aware that the developer stated it has no plans to release a DLC for Hogwarts Legacy. But that doesn’t exclude the possibility of a DLC down the line, in, let’s say, a year or even two. Hogwarts Legacy turned out to be a massive success and quite possibly a contender for this year’s Game of the Year award, despite not including Quidditch practice. Considering that it dropped early in the year, DLC releases a month or two before the actual Game Awards could boost sales and interest in the title, increasing its chances for an award—unless politics get in the way.