Hogwarts Legacy Player Discovers Another New Aspect After Playing For 140 Hours

After playing the game for 140 hours, a Hogwarts Legacy gamer discovered an NPC sleeping in their bed.

By Jason Collins | Updated

Even after 140 hours of playing—not that the game has that much content—Hogwarts Legacy still manages to surprise gamers. And no, nobody found a secret way to play Quidditch or an Easter Egg announcing the game’s upcoming DLC—because the game will have no DLC. Instead, the recent discovery, though not a major one, is actually quite peculiar: Has anyone noticed that other students aren’t in their beds at night?

According to Game Rant, one player has actually encountered one of the students lying in their bed while traversing the Hogwarts castle at night. Though it seems like a small and rather insignificant discovery that certainly doesn’t affect the gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy in any way, this find is actually quite rare. Players are most certainly allowed to explore the castle at night in the game, but actually finding other students where they should be, come nighttime, is something that apparently requires 140 hours of gaming.

After 140 hours of playing, I found a person actually lying in bed.
by u/jaraxoo in HarryPotterGame

The fact that someone played Hogwarts Legacy for 140 hours is perhaps equally interesting because, as per our previous discussion regarding Final Fantasy 16, Hogwarts Legacy offers a bit more than 60 hours of gameplay, with many players tapping out at approximately 70 hours of total game time. But, the recent find shows that there are some dedicated gamers out there looking for more stuff to be found in the game, regardless of how small or insignificant those finds might be—like someone actually sleeping in their bed in a video game in which apparently no one sleeps.

Of course, the new discovery in Hogwarts Legacy did attract attention, with many gamers joking that the person is pretending to be asleep to avoid classes or that they could very well be petrified. Unfortunately, Avalanche Software, the game’s developer, hasn’t addressed this so far, so we can’t actually know what’s going on without full context, but hopefully, other players might be in a position to make similar discoveries and test out various theories in the name of the Hogwarts Legacy gaming community.

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Players are becoming increasingly nervous about what the future holds for Hogwarts Legacy. As stated above, Avalanche Software stated that they hadn’t planned a DLC for the game, which is sort of disheartening, considering just how great Hogwarts Legacy is. In fact, we’d consider it as a serious Game of the Year contender, given how well it performed so far, both in terms of gameplay and sale numbers—it actually sold more copies than Elden Ring, the current GOTY, did in the same timeframe.

As for being the Game of the Year contender, that really depends on whether or not the gaming industry is looking to appease the social activists. Those same activists previously called for a boycott of Hogwarts Legacy due to the game’s association with the Harry Potter author over her disagreements with transgender activists—after which some of them actually called her a Nazi, ended up with a defamation lawsuit, and having to issue a public apology to the author. But that’s what happens when you load someone with the ammunition to shoot you with.  

Those same activists could call for another boycott if the game was to be nominated for a GOTY award. Hogwarts Legacy is currently available for both last- and current-gen PlayStation and Xbox platforms, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.