10 Times TV Shows Got A Reboot And It Worked

Rebooting old franchises is incredibly popular right now, and it's not always for the best; here are ten times that the TV reboots were actually good.

By Chad Langen | Updated

The entertainment industry has seen a surge in TV reboots, with varying degrees of success. While some have failed to impress viewers, such as Heroes Reborn and Charlie’s Angels, others, like Cobra Kai and Doctor Who, have been exceptionally popular. The following TV reboots have been praised for their ability to strike a balance between nostalgia and innovation, creating a winning formula that keeps viewers coming back for more.

The X-Files

The TV reboot of The X-Files, which aired in 2016, was a resounding success, with viewers eagerly tuning in to see the return of FBI agents Mulder and Scully. The reboot featured the same thrilling storytelling and paranormal investigations that made the original series so beloved, while also updating it for a modern audience. Its success proved that there was still a hunger for paranormal mysteries on TV and demonstrated the value of revisiting classic series with a fresh perspective.

Battlestar Galactica

The TV reboot of Battlestar Galactica in 2004 proved to be a success, running for four seasons and building a dedicated fan following. The reboot was praised for its complex characters and darker tone, which added depth to the series and made it a cult classic. The success of the revival demonstrated the potential of reinventing beloved franchises for modern audiences, and its legacy continues to inspire new sci-fi shows to this day.

Doctor Who

The TV reboot of Doctor Who in 2005 was a massive success, with Christopher Eccleston starring as the ninth Doctor and introducing a new generation of viewers to the beloved character. The reboot’s popularity proved that classic sci-fi shows could be successfully updated for modern audiences, and it paved the way for more diverse casting choices in the future. The enduring legacy of the Doctor Who TV reboot continues to inspire new generations of viewers and creators alike.

Hawaii Five-0

The Hawaii Five-0 TV reboot, which premiered in 2010, was a resounding success, running for ten seasons and becoming one of the most-watched shows on television. The reboot was praised for its thrilling action sequences, diverse cast, and dynamic storytelling that paid homage to the original series while creating a fresh, modern take on the police procedural genre. Its success cemented the importance of capturing the essence of the original series while also offering something new and exciting for audiences.

Queer Eye

The Queer Eye TV reboot, which premiered on Netflix in 2018, was an instant hit, quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon and winning over fans with its heartwarming stories and diverse cast. The reboot expanded the original concept of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy beyond makeovers to focus more on personal growth, acceptance, and tackling social issues such as racism, homophobia, and mental health. Its success proved that reality TV can still have a positive impact and highlighted the importance of inclusivity and empathy in modern media.

Will & Grace
tv reboot

The TV reboot of Will & Grace, which premiered in 2017, was a nostalgic return to the beloved sitcom that ended its original run more than a decade earlier. The reboot was a critical success, with fans eager to see their favorite characters back on screen and to revisit the witty humor and sharp writing that made the original series so popular. Its success demonstrated the enduring appeal of classic sitcoms and proved that revisiting past favorites can be a successful strategy for modern TV networks.

Full House
tv reboot

The Full House TV reboot, titled Fuller House, premiered on Netflix in 2016 and quickly became a hit with fans of the original series. The reboot brought back many of the beloved characters from the original show, with a focus on the next generation of the Tanner family. Despite mixed reviews from critics, Fuller House was a commercial success for Netflix and ran for five seasons, demonstrating the power of nostalgia and the enduring appeal of family-oriented sitcoms.

Cobra Kai
tv reboot

Cobra Kai, a TV reboot that continues the story of the original Karate Kid film franchise, first premiered on YouTube Red in 2018 before being picked up by Netflix in 2020. The series, which picked up decades after the events of the original films, follows the lives of the now-grown Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso as they rekindle their old rivalry and train a new generation of karate students. The show’s success has led to widespread critical acclaim, multiple Emmy nominations, and a growing fanbase, proving that even long-dormant franchises can be revitalized with fresh and inventive storytelling.

tv reboot

The Dallas TV reboot premiered in 2012 on TNT, bringing back the iconic Ewing family and their drama-filled lives. The series proved to be a hit with audiences, drawing in both longtime fans of the original show as well as new viewers. Despite being canceled after only three seasons, the Dallas reboot remains a beloved entry in the soap opera genre and a testament to the enduring appeal of classic TV franchises.

Magnum P.I.
tv reboot

Premiering on CBS in 2018, the Magnum P.I. TV reboot revived the beloved Hawaiian private investigator and his thrilling escapades. The series garnered acclaim for blending action, humor, and heart, with Jay Hernandez’s portrayal of Thomas Magnum particularly receiving praise. The show’s renewal for multiple seasons cements its status as a triumphant television revival.