Ready Or Not 2 Must Happen Because It Sounds Awesome

By April Ryder | Published

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News has dropped that Ready or Not 2 is now in development, with Adam Robitel (Escape Room) set to direct. The sequel to the 2019 box office smash Ready or Not will bring back Samara Weaving as the star of the show, but little is known about how the story will diverge from there. 

The First Ready Or Not

If you’re not familiar with the story of the first film, here’s a quick recap (spoilers ahead). Ready or Not is a black comedy horror film about a family with some wicked traditions. On her wedding day, Grace learns that to become a part of the “Domas” family, she will have to endure one last “game” before retreating to marital bliss with her new husband. 

However, the curse on the Domas family is much more than a game (Ready or Not 2 could take the “game” to a whole new level). In short, if Grace draws the “hide-and-seek” card, the family must kill her before dawn or they all die instead. 

The Hunt Is On

The hunt is on, and the way everything plays out in the movie is hilarious. People explode, maids are murdered, crossbows are loaded, and the party is on until daylight breaks. As Wikipedia reminds us, “The sole survivor of the night, Grace walks out of the burning manor just as the police arrive. Upon asking her what happened, she simply replies: in-laws.”

Where Does Ready Or Not 2 Go?

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With the whole Domas family dead, it’ll be interesting to see where Grace’s next venture leads us. When asked about the progress of Ready or Not 2, Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin said, “It’s getting figured out … that’s what we’ll say, Ready or Not 2 is getting ‘figured out.’” 

Offering little more in the way of an explanation, they did go on to state, “What we can say is that there is a script that is an absolute f***king banger of a sequel. And however it gets made, and in whatever capacity we are helping get it made, we are so excited that it’s happening.”

Ready or Not 2 Starting Soon?

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Matt and Tyler went on to explain that they weren’t sure they expected the story to go on any further after making the first film, but that they’re “so proud of what that first movie is” and “so proud of what the sequel is.”

The pair are crossing their fingers in hopes that Searchlight and Samara will get Ready or Not 2 into production sometime soon. 

Plenty Of Time

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In the meantime, there’s plenty of time to watch and rewatch the original. If Ready or Not 2 is half as funny as its predecessor, make sure you hold your popcorn tight in the theater. The boisterous laughter originating from your tummy region might make you spill your kernels. 

A Critical Hit

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You can find Ready or Not streaming on FX NOW and Prime Video, if you’re looking to recapture the vibe.

The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes gives the first film an 88 percent approval rating on the Tomatometer, too, so you know you’re not wasting your time watching it.

An 88 percent is no easy feat coming from the fickle site. Here’s hoping Ready or Not 2 comes swiftly and with even more laughs. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly