Netflix’s Beef Season 2 Already In The Works

Despite being pitched as a limited series, Netflix is expected to make Beef Season 2 a reality.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

beef premiere

Before the Netflix original series Beef was first released last week, it was regarded by both Netflix and production studio A24 as a limited series, though rumors of a Season 2 may soon change that. According to a write-up on, Beef showrunner Lee Sung Jin has stated that he has further plans for the Steven Yeun and Ali Wong-led series, even though the first season was designed to tell a full and complete story. Unlike other limited series, which went on to pivot to anthology storytelling after receiving second-season orders such as The White Lotus or True Detective, Beef is set to bring more action from Yeun and Wong.

Lee Sung Jin says he feels there are more stories to tell about Steven Yeun’s Danny and Ali Wong’s Amy, claiming that he and Netflix only referred to Beef as a limited series because they weren’t sure if the show would receive a Season 2. Now, with the show being a certified hit in less than a calendar week, it seems likely that an offer for another season will be announced from the streamer, though there has been no word of a renewal just yet. Though the story feels very conclusive at the end of the first season’s 10-episode run, Lee Sung Jin says that he has at least three seasons of material loosely mapped out in his head.

The Netflix series follows the aftermath of a road rage incident between a pair of hot-headed strangers, resulting in a massive feud of increasingly dramatic stakes, eventually enveloping both of their lives. Ali Wong’s Amy is a small business owner who runs a plant business, while Steven Yeun’s Danny appears to be a failing contractor with unresolved frustration. After their fender-bender, the pair engage in a prolonged beef, resulting in disastrous consequences, leaving them in a completely different space if a Season 2 order does arrive.

Though Netflix has been seeing huge streaming numbers for Beef, fans are cautiously optimistic about the possibility of a season 2 order. Netflix notoriously has a bizarre and spotty track run, cancelling highly praised series such as the Alison Brie-led Glow, or the animated venture Inside Job. The streamer does seem to have a lot of faith and reverence for the series, however, as they recently submitted a for-your-consideration campaign for Beef in the limited or anthology series categories for the Emmy Awards.

Whether Netflix provides Beef with a Season 2 or not, the series has already told a complete story, leaving fans satisfied across the world. Ali Wong has already begun pre-production on her upcoming series Jentry Chau vs. The Underworld, which she is set to star in alongside Lucy Liu and Silicon Valley‘s Jimmy O. Yang. Steven Yeun, on the other hand, has been busy working on a number of projects, including Marvel’s Thunderbolts, as well as the long-awaited second season of Amazon Prime Video’s Invincible.