White Lotus Star Replacing Henry Cavill As Superman?

YouTuber Grace Randolph thinks The White Lotus's Adam DiMarco could be a swell Clark Kent.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Adam DiMarco from The White Lotus season 2

Since James Gunn decided to replace Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCU, fans have wondered who would step into those big, red boots. Many names have been suggested by the fandom, but so far, we’ve had no actual announcements from Warner Bros. In the meantime, fan casting runs rampant, and YouTuber Grace Randolph suggested that The White Lotus star Adam DiMarco suit up as Superman.

It wasn’t a very long tweet, but Randolph made some important points about why Adam DiMarco would be a solid Superman. While most fans have speculated about who could rival Cavill’s impressive physique as the Man of Steel, she decided to speculate instead about who would make a good Clark Kent. Since the “secret identity” is a crucial part of the Superman mythos, it’s important to cast someone who could believably be a mild-mannered reporter. 

Of course, some fans may balk at the idea of a relatively less muscular actor like Adam DiMarco playing Superman, but this is something that has precedence in the comics. Most notably, the hero we see in Superman: Earth One is lanky but strong, and that series of books was an attempt at reimagining the Man of Steel for a new era, much like what James Gunn is trying to do now. And even if you think DiMarco doesn’t have the muscles for the role now, keep in mind that he would spend countless hours in the gym buffing up before we ever see him on the big screen alongside other heroes.

Speaking of other heroes, another reason that Randolph felt Adam DiMarco would make a good Superman is that he could be a nice contrast to Robert Pattinson’s Batman. We don’t yet know whether that version of Batman will even be part of the new DCU, but given how critics and audiences reacted to The Batman, we’re sure Gunn would like to make it happen. And having a solid contrast between the Batman and Superman actors might help future movies sidestep some of the more brutal criticisms that Batman v. Superman received.

adam dimarco superman

That film was nominally meant to focus on the ideological differences between these characters that ultimately brought them to blows against one another. However, Superman in that movie often came across as just as angry and ready to dole out violence and even death as Batman was. In short, they didn’t have much contrast at all, but Adam DiMarco’s Superman and Robert Pattinson’s Batman could actually be much more distinct, laying a better groundwork for both future battles and future team-ups.

One thing that may or may not work in Adam DiMarco’s favor when it comes to Superman casting is that he is not well-known as a Hollywood heavyweight. Gunn may decide that is a benefit because he gets to hire a young actor for a multi-film deal and not pay him too much, but there is a chance Warner Bros. will go with a more established actor. Still, DiMarco’s genre experience in shows like Charmed, The Magicians, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina may help him fit right into a world of aliens, superheroes, and magic.